So Glam!

Hello, my most stylish friends! I am without words. I mean, absolutely over the moon, amazed, excited beyond imaginable, jumping for joy, beyond happy, in love...

Well, not totally and completely without words. As you see, the Queen City Style has been Glamified.


Corny? Perhaps, but this is how I feel!  The Hills are alive... with the Sound of Music!! So, without further adieu, I shall let the masterpiece do the talking, though I leave with you this one brief mention for now. If you want your website or blog to be as Bad Ass as mine... Kat Mulford of Kat Mulford Design is your girl. (more on this Queen of Style to come).

I would love to hear from you!!

For the love of being Oh So In Love with fabulous style more and more everyday! 


PS--There are no words to say how much I appreciate your readership.