Come Hither Hair

I recently posted some pics from my birthday night out with the girls. BLo ouT sure did make me feel special. I tell you what.  A walking advertisement, I was. I ran a few errands before painting the town. I must have been stopped at least 20 times.  About the hair.

So, today I'm here to show and tell you all about it.

I originally planned on just a BLo ouT, However, after a quick consultation with stylist Amanda which included an inquiry about a fun, messy "Boho Glam" braid, as it turns out, my wish was her command. And boy did she perform. So talented AND accommodating, those BLo ouTers.

I showed up unprepared... No images in hand to share of my sought after style. But a few iPhone shared images later, any expectations I had were blown out of the water. First came a wash and style. A wash is not typically included with an up do, but since I arrived a hot mess, I asked for this extra little bit of love.

Let's say I opted out of the up do and stopped at a BLo ouT. Va Va Va Voom! Why can't I do this at home?!  I'm sure it is possible. I know it is. It's just not in my cards. It seems nothing past an elastic hair tie is these days. As I was saying... thank goodness for...

For optimal hold, Amanda rolled my hair with a curling iron. A touch of Goldilocks? Juuuust right!

Time for the first side braid. A river of hair!

Then, the other side. 

 Pulling it all together in the back, just as I described to Amanda.

Maybe not a pony tail, but let's gather it all in a messy loose bun.

Oh my gosh. Perfection! Are you kidding me? I want this everyday of my life.



How stinking cute is BLo ouT stylist Amanda? I really could not have asked for anything more to my liking loving!

Now after the girls night out, the neeext night most wonderful man in the world and I headed Uptown for some double date action with two of our closest pals. I got to showcase my fabulous hair ALL weekend long.

Day 2 - I headed back to BLo ouT for a touch up and slight modification. This time, the moi tres chic stylist Charlie pulled out some serious fabulous hair stops. Readjusting only the bun, this time a fishtail was put into place.

Charlie, you are a brilliant!


Got a hot date with a new beau and want to look your best? Or perhaps, got a hot date with your most wonderful man in the world and want to feel like it's your very first night together? A night out with the girls? Whatever your case may be, I can't tell you how good about myself I felt with this hair. Sex. Martini. Therapy. Chocolate. BLo ouT. Yes.

I look forward to showing you more from my fun night out on the Queen City.

Here's the skinny. BLo ouT's start at $35. Up do's cost a bit more, based on complexity. For about $10, go back the next day if you wish, for a variation. On Sunday, wear your 'do to church, then slap on a headband for the cutest afternoon jog ever. A weekend of feel good. What could be more stylish?

To get yours, click HERE.

Tell the ladies at BLo ouT the Queen City Style sent you and get 10% off your 'do.

For the love of nothing more stylish than feeling good.  xo-Whitley