Glimpse of Summer

Happy Weekend Friends! Not much to say today other than a quick hello! I'm getting ready to head out for one of these. Not a race, but just a run. I find there is no better way to start your weekend, or your day for that matter. It feels so good to get the juices flowing.

It's looking to be low 70's and party sunny today. For those of you who don't already know, our family loves the lake. Most wonderful man in the world skied on the water ski team in college. One of our very first dates included him asking me if I'd like to go test drive a boat with him he was thinking of purchasing. It was the dead of winter.  He strapped on his wet suit. Spandex from head to toe (yikes), and started hopping around, doing things like this.

And this.

That pretty much did it for me. Then he got to giving me lessons. I'll never come remotely close to looking as good as he does, but I've had fun doing my best to impress him.

It's safe to say we all love the water. Macy girl is usually leading the charge. Get me there as fast as you can!

Toby and Lucy, my mother and father-in-law's dogs, howl at the water.

All the water dogs doing their best to exercise restraint.

Hank's second summer, and first time "skiing".

My third proudest moment as a parent,  following the birth of my boys, was watching Hank do this last summer.

We'll see what summer 2012 holds for Hank and baby Worth. Last summer, Worth spent his days on the boat just chillin'.

No matter what, the lake always promises a good time.

Blue skies, sunshine, wind blowing... Sunnies on, hat backwards, cold bevy in hand. Perhaps my favorite part about the lake is the calming affect. You are forced to do nothing, but kick your feet up and relax. We can all use a little relaxation. Ready for summer to begin.

 Macy girl certainly is.

One thing's for sure. You won't find me on a boat without a handful of inspiration. I hope you like what you see is to come...

What's your favorite summer enjoyment?

For the love of nothing more stylish than chillin' out... 

Happy Weekend!  Whitley