A Splendid Weekend

Hello my stylish friends! I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. Here in the Queen City, the weather could not have been more gorgeous. Low 70's, sunny and a slight breeze. It's no wonder everyone wants to move to the South. God's country indeed.

I thought I would share with you a few pics from our weekend. Big Boy Hank turned four on Saturday. As if I need one more project, I added cake decorator to my resume once I started having children. This year I took on the biggest Bad Daddy of them all in decorating Hank's Lighting McQueen birthday cake.

Given I did not have the mold until 9pm the night prior to, nor did I have any but one of the icing tips for which the instructions called, I was pretty freaking scared. Not gonna lie. However, judging Hank's expression upon entering the kitchen the morning of his birthday, I think it all worked out just fine. Cake for breakfast?  Why, yes!

Happy Birthday Hank! We took it to my Dad's cabin at the Crook Family Homestead just across the border for a day of celebration. Such a glorious day!

Most wonderful man in the world and precious pea #2.

A little Gator riding.

 An Easter Egg Hunt.

Presenting Red Velvet Lightening McQueen!

Make a wish!

Boys and their toys.

Macy Girl had a blast swimming in the pond.

And today...


A Blessed Easter Weekend indeed.

I can't believe we got a picture of both boys smiling and happy. Here's hoping your day was just as glorious! On a finishing style note, I am soooo excited about my new sunnies, which you will be seeing on the Queen City Style all sunshiny season long. I borrowed this pair of Blinde Natural Born Thriller's from a friend for the recent Trunk Show post.

I loved them so much, I had to have a pair for myself. I had a hard time locating these bad boys on line, but I did manage to find ONE retailer in the Queen City, Doctors Vision Center, that carries the Blinde brand. Head on over, and get you some shade for the sun.

I look forward to seeing you again soon, through my new stylin' sunnies. For the love of a Stylish, Holy, Joyful and Fun Family Weekend, all rolled into one...

Happy top 'o the week to ya! -Whitley