Giving Back

 With the exception of perhaps my inaugural post, I am most proud of the one I am sharing with you today. Through their community support campaign, I recently joined forces with the Dowd YMCA, in a most fun and stylish way might I add, to send a few children to camp this summer.

How so, you say?  Meet the lovely, sweet and dear Ms. Raquel. (Yep, that's Precious Pea number two there she's holding).

The Dowd YMCA set a goal to raise $30,000 in order to send 30 children to camp for 10 weeks.  Each child watch staff member was challenged to raise $1,000, and in doing so, they were encouraged to involve families of the child watch program. Ms. Raquel asked my family to help, and with the help of other friends and families, we collected $200 in order to send two children to camp! SOOO AWESOME!! 

Thank you, again, to our wonderful friends who participated!


The fun doesn't stop here. In reaching their goals, each child watch staff member had to pay up. In Mrs. Raquel's case, payment came in the form of a dress. You see, Raquel has not worn a dress since the 5th grade! One day towards the end of the fundraising period, I was informed of just how close Raquel was to reaching her goal. So, I offered Raquel a deal; one she was reluctant to accept...If I donate the remainder of your balance, I get to style your fabulous self on the Queen City Style, WEARING A DRESS, for all the world to see! After several moment's thought, Raquel excitedly agreed. She knew what this would mean for the children of the community. And so, I PROUDLY bring to you... wearing a dress...

The lovely, sweet and dear Ms. Raquel!


I mean, how ADORABLE and FABULOUS is she?! And all those children going to camp this summer? Could there BE anything be more fun and stylish?! Why, yes.  There could be, and there is, but you'll have to come back tomorrow to see! I am so proud, happy and excited to share this with you, so please promise me you will! :)

For the love of Giving Back, in the very best of style...

See you tomorrow!  Whitley