Splash, Dash, Dot - Having Fun Mixing Colors and Patterns

Yesterday I celebrated being a Mommy to my two beautiful boys. As circumstances would have it, my day looked perhaps a bit more familiar than I would have dreamed up for myself.  I was the first one awake at 6:15.  Not gonna lie... WTH??

Coffee brewed by 6:40.  

Baby from crib at 6:55.

Poopy diaper no more by 7:30. 

Three loads of laundry folded by 7:45.

Pancake breakfast ready at 8:30.

I did manage to get in my long run before church at 11:15. Big Smile. Who knew every restaurant in town would be booked until 3pm on Mother's Day?!


So, we ventured over to Earth Fare for lunch from the buffet. It was delish and turned out to be the perfect spot for a few snap shots. It was a pretty typical day, and in retrospect it just wouldn't have seemed right to have it any other way. Oh, and I did manage to get in an afternoon nap.  Suuuu-perb.

Coat: Banana Republic (old), here's one at a nice price, Top: (old), but here's a navy one, and  here's a cute ruffle dress, Skirt: J. Crew, here's the dress version, or here's another. Check out this Valentino Polka Dot dress on Major Sale. Also love this big dot dress, Red Sash: My Grandmothers, Shoes: Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan, also in black

Sunglasses: Blinde Natural Born Thriller from Doctors Vision Center, or here is a lower priced similar pair, Clutch: Coach (old), but here's one I love, Necklace: My Grandmothers, Statement Bracelet: Henri Bendel, Others: Stella & Dot Renegade Clusters and Nugget Wrap Bracelets, Earrings: Gifted, but here's a pair and here

Rings: Custom at Diamonds Direct, Tiffany Interlocking Circles Ring, Cocktail ring (old), here's my new fav.

For the love of every day life in great color and style, Whitley