Bauble Bar Boho Drops

As a follow up to my recent post sharing a few of my favorite vintage jewelry pieces, I am sure you would imagine I do not discriminate when it comes to fabulous jewelry.  New or old, if it's fabulous, I'm on board. One company that has caught my eye in the last year is Bauble Bar.

Not only are they tearing it up on the Blogosphere, where I originally learned of them, but they are stealing the spotlight among celebrities and fashion editors with their eye-catching, trend-setting, ever changing collections and designs.  I know none of you need a celebrity or magazine editor to warrant your vote of confidence, though I'm happy to put my name on Bauble Bar's list of endorsements by way of saying Bauble Bar is totally Baubleicious!

My first Bauble Bar purchase was the Aqua Boho Drops.

Aqua Boho Drops

I adore their size, weight, cut and color.  Speaking of which, due to popular demand, this style has been produced in a rainbow of colors.

Click on the links below the images to shop the look.

Fluoro Boho Drops

Aren't they so pretty? Which color is your favorite? At $34 and free standard shipping, their kind of steal!  Not to mention, get $10 off your first purchase when you create an account!

I'll be back soon with some of my other favorite Bauble Bar pieces.

For the love of pretty style in every color of the rainbow...

Thank you so much for reading!  Whitley