Living Room Reveal

 For those of you who have been keeping up with me and my DIY projects, you know most wonderful man in the world and I tackled our most labor-intensive project to date when we turned this hutch into a bar.  The below image is not how the bar is styled at present, but I wanted to share it with you one more time as an intro to my living room reveal.

See Hutch to Bar transformation HERE. Below is an image of the living room with just a few pieces. This includes a sofa my friend, decorator Lauren Thompson, so bravely recommended I choose, as well as a coffee table I knew right away I had to have.  Both are from the Hickory Furniture Mart. The table is a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams score.

I won't show you a play by play of the transformation, but I am so excited with the results, and I have finally arrived at what I consider to be a satisfactory attempt to channel my obsession with bright, happy color!

Everything in the room was either consigned or purchased at a discount retailer or is an inheritance piece or made by moi. I do think there is room for improvement. I still need curtains on the windows. A few things could stand to be tweaked. There's always room for tweaking, but I am very proud of my work - on a dime no less!

The mirrors are also a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams find. The yellow plate, a wedding gift, is Vietri. Pillows are from Home Goods, World Market and West Elm. Lamp bases and shades are also from World Market.

Either end table... As my precious pal Nate Berkus recommends, it's nice to have a little live something in every room. Succulents are an interesting choice of greenery and low-maintenance.

I love the nail head trim on the sofa.  Make that, I love the sofa. Lauren, you are brave, but you are fun... One of my favorite things about your sense of design!

By the way, if you are interested in a getting your own taste of Lauren's sweet style infusion, email here at:

A few images of my coffee table styling. This changes slightly, perhaps on a weekly basis, but there is always an evident display of my appreciation for an ultimate modern day risk-taker, designer Kelly Wearstler.

My prized matchbook collection primarily includes memorabilia from my college years in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, as well as from my immediate post-college years in NYC. Such a conversation piece this bowl is. (Not to mention a sensual simulator for the hands of my one year old!)

This mirrored side table I love so much is from West Elm.

There's nothing like fresh flowers for a little happy.

This occasional chair is a prized piece that belonged to my Great-Grandmother.  When my mother renovated her house, the space where the chair was situated became no more. She kindly passed it on to me for use, though I know reading this she'd like to have it back. 

Thank you, Mom!!

Hanging above the chair is a framed copy of a proud moment, my Lucky Magazine article, given to me by a dear and treasured friend.

The opposite corner houses a chair that was loaned or given to me (I'm still not quite sure which), by another close friend. Most wonderful man in the world and I recently covered the chair in a coordinating plum velvet fabric.

The chair serves as home to a handful of magazines from my overflowing 

collection, in addition to one of my most treasured pals, "The Thinker."

There's Kelly again, rockin' a pretty bad ass ensemble.

One last shot of the room looking in from the foyer. If you are eyeing the wee back, that's the not yet complete dining room.

And since the two rooms are joined, it is nice to be (at least temporarily) satisfied with the entrance as well. I recently scored this indoor/outdoor rug at World Market for $19.99.

For a little added flair, I flanked the step down entrance to the living room with these brown velvet curtains, also from World Market.

All in all, I'm feeling rather quite pleased with my new living room. So is my friend here.

Is that a bowl of matches atop a mirrored, cubed coffee table? Actually, I think it is cigarettes! WOW. Is nothing new? I've featured that ridiculously fabulous bar in the background, belonging to fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Tell me about that dress she is wearing. Are you kidding me?  How can that be mine? Just know that if you are guest in our home for cocktails, like my gal pal here... you may make yourself right at home. I hope you will.

For the love of bright, happy stylish style for living... Whitley