Color Blocking In Style

It's EVERYBODY everywear time again!  Many of you have been complimentary of the photos on the Queen City Style and have asked who is taking them.  That would be most wonderful man in the world.  I have a photography crew consisting of the aforementioned Captain, Precious Peanut #1 and Precious Peanut #2.  When taking the pictures, I try to think of wide open spaces with sidewalks or paths.  PP #1 takes his scooter, and PP #2 is strapped into a stroller full of snacks to help him through the agony.  I gave most wonderful man in the world this moniker for a reason.  He is not perfect, though at times I half jokingly explain that it's not easy being married to Mr. Perfect.  Honey, I know this is embarrassing, but I just want to share who the wonderful, patient and kind man behind the camera is.  Due to my photographer's absence I was not able to get together a fresh outfit for this month's EBEW theme: Color Blocking.  As I'm pretty obsessed with color, many of my posts already incorporate color blocking.  So, here is a little montage I put together.

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Birthday Night Out

Even my living room is color blocked!

Living Room Reveal

So, I was absolutely thrilled to learn I was mentioned in the August issue of my Style Bible, In Style Magazine.  Seriously, I have been subscribing since I was 18 years old.  I remembered loving how they styled a Polka-Dot Skirt in three different ways. Shortly thereafter, the skirt I'm wearing (now ON SALE here) below showed up in the window of my favorite retailer, J. Crew.  I had to have it.  Then, I was inspired by a fellow fashion blogger, Kimberly Smith of Penny Pincher Fashion, to submit my own Inspired by InStyle look. I could have sworn I recognized Kimberly in the June issue, and sure enough it was her!  Thank you to In Style for deeming me fashionable enough to be included in your pages, to my mom and best friend for the J. Crew Birthday Gift Card which got me this awesome skirt, to my awesome friends over at J. Crew South Park and to most wonderful man in the world for taking such great photos.  Honestly, what inspires me the most is each of you reading this.  Thank you for your support and the sheer joy you bring me!

For the love of great style filled with color and joy!


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