Guest Post On J's Everyday Fashion

Hello Everyone!  I am SO excited to be guest posting today on the wildly popular J's Everyday Fashion!  If you are visiting from J's blog and this were my home, I would welcome you in for a cup of tea or lemonade or the drink of your choice!  In any case, I welcome to the Queen City Style!  I hope you'll enjoy your visit here and that you will come again soon.

A friend introduced me to J's Everyday Fashion with a tip that J was calling for 12 bloggers to guest post while she was off to Africa.  I hopped on over to see what the recommendation was all about, and it made perfect sense.  Each of J's posts consist of an inspiration outfit and her own interpretation of that outfit.  She credits the individual pieces she wears and gives additional options for similar items.  The cherry on top; all of J's outfits are designed on a budget, so many of us can relate!  With close to 35,000 followers on Facebook alone, I was as giddy as a school girl to learn I made her short list!

J recreates an outfit by the always stylish Olivia Palermo in the above photo.  I've been looking for a similar black and white tuxedo blazer, so I nabbed this one for myself! At  $39.99, it's a steal!  Thanks SO MUCH, J, for this fun opportunity!  Visit J's Everyday Fashion here to see my outfit recreation! 

For the love of discovering great style at a great price,

Thanks so much everyone for visiting the Queen City Style!  Whitley

PS:  Dying to share with you my new video intro!!