Runner Fashion: Skirt, Ruched Tank, Wrap Top

Hello!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I went to Charleston, SC for a little getaway and had a full weekend of quality time with some old friends.  It was gorgeous and sunny, albeit a bit hot, but a fulfilling diversion from life on the homestead.

Tank: Moving Comfort, c/o Run For Your Life. Skirt: RunningSkirts, c/o Run For Your Life. Wrap Top: Saucony, c/o Run For Your Life. Shoes: Mizuno. Sunglasses: Native. Sport Watch: Garmin. Earrings: JoJo Loves You

Today I am sporting my third of four runner fashion looks in my collaboration with Run For Your Life.  I was intentional in picking four looks that were completely unique from one another.  First I wore the black running dress, then I got a sporty with tight running shorts and a tank, and today I'm wearing a pretty skirt and ruched tank topped off with a comfy wrap.  Certainly not exclusive to, but I think this is a perfect style for moms on the go.  It is cute enough to wear all day--first and foremost for exercise, but also great for preschool pick-ups, errands and play time.  Comfortable, functional and cute.  I think we all feel good when we look good.  This runner outfit allows you to put your best foot forward in your gear!  What do you think?   Want this outfit for yourself?  

Head to Run For Your Life and mention the Queen City Style for 15% off any purchase on apparel.

Oh, and here's a sneak peak at tomorrow's fashion interpretation!

For the love of running around, in great style...

Have a wonderful day!!  Whitley