Runner Fashion: Tight Shorts and Tank

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Today I resume my collaboration with Run For Your Life by styling my second of four picks showcasing women's runner fashion.  I wore a black running dress last week, and today I'm taking things in a slightly different direction with these tight shorts and tank.  As per one of my training partners, I'll admit, in the past I have fallen victim to cotton.  I do love the fabric of our lives, but running in the dead middle of the summer's heat is not the time or place.  Thanks to this collaboration, I'm thrilled to know there is some super stylish running attire out there just waiting to be worn!

Tank: Saucony, c/o Run For Your Life. Shorts: Saucony, c.o Run For Your Life, also in plain black. Shoes: Mizuno. Sport Watch: Garmin. Sunglasses: Native. Earrings: JoJo Loves You.

Of all the runner outfits I will be styling here, this one definitely reminds me most of what all those marathon record holding female runners wear on the cover of the magazines.  I could not bring myself to wear an athletic sports bra that shows the midriff, but if you are as ripped as those ladies are, go for it!

If you are in the Queen City and would like this runner outfit for yourself, head on over to Run For Your Life!  

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Here's a peak at tomorrow's street style interpretation of this runner fashion outfit!

For the love of running in great style...

Thanks for reading!  Whitley