Runner Fashion: Check Shorts & Sexy Back Tank

Hello Everyone!!  Today's runner fashion outfit is the last of four showcasing Charlotte running store, Run For Your Life.  I've so much enjoyed my running and shopping experiences with the store that I couldn't resist approaching them about this fun collaboration.  Two things occurred to me.  There is definitely such a thing as runner fashion, and most of us who get into fashion want to look our best wearing it!  Chances are there is some kind of exercise involved, unless you're just naturally gifted.  I, for one, have some room for improvement in the exercise/runner fashion department, and writing this series has given me some great inspiration to break away from the free poly tech racing tee's!  I hope you've been inspired too!  

Tank: Adidas, c/o Run For Your Life. Shorts: Adidas, c/o Run For Your Life, or similar.

Shoes: Mizuno. Sport Watch: Garmin. Sunglasses: Native. Earrings: JoJo Loves You.


Stay tuned to tomorrow's fashion interpretation of this running outfit, and then it's giveaway time!!  Don't forget to take advantage of Run For Your Life's 15% discount on all apparel when you mention this post!

For the love of runnin' in great style,

Thanks for reading!! Whitley