White Light

Today is the August link-up for with Everybody Everywear, and this month's theme is monochromatic.  I could have gone in several directions for this; black, red, pink, blue, but ultimately I went with white.  I think the last time I wore white from head to toe was either over a weekend lake trip or to play croquet with some of my best girlfriends the morning of my wedding day.  I have been asked more than once to spin my two cents on wearing white before Easter and after Labor Day.  The only white rule I am completely against breaking is wearing it, or any shade thereof, on someone else's wedding day.  Other than that, I think when played with the right fabrics, in the right doses, you can wear white 12 months of the year.  I have a white leather purse I carry year round.  I especially love it with an otherwise all black ensemble.  Whatever makes you most comfortable, but I think there is no need to 'fit in' a certain mold.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren (old), Shorts: Loft (old), Shoes: Steve Madden. Sunglasses: Blinde, here's a similar, less expensive pair. Bag: Coach (old), but here's my favorite current choice. Belt: (vintage), belonged to my Grandmother. Earrings, (vintage), belonged to my Grandmother, Bracelet: from Luna (old), Rings: Tiffany, custom by Diamonds Direct.

For the love of monochromatic styling...

As always, thanks so much for reading!!!  Whitley

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