Style Night Out in the Queen City!!

I've just returned from NYC for two fashion blogger conferences, and I can't wait to share it all with you, but before I do I want to talk to you about Style Night Out taking place this Thursday night in the Queen City.

Style Night Out is produced by the lovely Effie Loukas, owner of Lotus Boutique.

Prepare to be blown away by a bevvy of style and talent procured by over 50 boutiques, salons and makeup artists and 130 models showcasing their finest du joir on the runway. This is one night of style you do not want to miss!  The main event takes place at Morrison Shopping Center Thursday night, September 13th, 6-10pm. I am particularly thrilled to be collaborating with one of my favorite boutiques in the world, summerbird, by way of putting my hands on the four fabulous looks being sent down the runway.  Eeek!  Very excited.

Then there's this one other gal I've been telling you about as of late.  

Remember this vintage beaded jacket?

And this totally Bad A beaded vest? 

They're by way of uber chic emerging designer Cigi Guz. 

She and her fabulous garb will be there too.

Here's how to get your tickets.  

PS--I don't have the slightest what I'm wearing.  Thoughts/Ideas/Recs?

 Maybe this guy has an opinion...

Hope to see you there!!  Whitley