the Queen City Style Diaries...

I've written the first entry.  This has been on my mind for days and weeks. Hell, months.  It is ready to go, but I don't know if I can hit the publish button.  I've written multiple entries over and over in my mind.  Type, delete.  Type, delete.  Do I share and breathe the air deep into my lungs and by chance claim an enormous sense of relief, or do I not run the risk of making a complete fool of myself for all of you to see and know more closely?  The things that I want to push out of me, I hope will bring a sense of peace in doing so, but what if this only makes me look and feel so incredibly stupid?  I'm typically not one to care what others think of me, but at the same time, I have this devastatingly huge desire to please.  What and why IS that?  This is a fashion blog, yes, but it has grown into an amazing corner of my world, and that is because you read what I say, enough of you tell me you want to hear; every single new thumbs up on Facebook is a reason to keep going, and your feedback instills a deep and appreciated sense of confidence in me to tell you more. So, I am turning this over to you.  Here's the precursor for a possible first journal entry.

Not to worry, it will not be crass or lacking dignity.  I just only want to put it out there if you fashion blog lovers are remotely interested in hearing some less than fashionable things I might have to say.  I mean, it certainly won't be a post about the latest trends; but then again, it never was.

Oh goodness, with nothing but love ... Whitley