You Will Run Again

If you've followed along here for a while, you probably saw this collaboration where I styled hot summer trends for ladies runner fashion.  Spring is here, which means I'll be hosting another Run For Your Life Giveaway very soon!  This past weekend, I traveled to the Outer Banks to run a half marathon and visit family.  My whole crew went, as well as one of my closest running friends. Sunday was a gorgeous day for a race, just one day before the Boston Marathon.  I recently ran my first marathon, qualifying for Boston in 2014.  I always knew it was the big dog of marathons, but it was until this past Monday that I realized the magnitude and symbolism of this race.  The Boston Marathon is held on Patriots Day, a day much like New Year's Eve in Times Square.  It is a day for bringing people together, celebrating months and months, if not years of hard work toward a singular goal.  Four hundred and fifty runners from the Charlotte area competed in Monday's race. At least three were injured; one critically.  My heart goes out to everyone who worked so hard for this momentous day and to anyone impacted by this horrendous event.  President Obama said in his speech today, "You Will Run Again".  He is a smart man, regardless of your political views, as any marathon runner knows the last thing you ever did was try to stop her from running again.

I'm pictured with the first and second place female winners.  The first place finisher (middle) hopped on a plane to Boston immediately after this picture to go run the marathon.  (tough chick).

Talk about another tough chick; Carla finished behind me by maybe a minute.  She is 51 years old and placed first in the Female Master's Division. Amazing.

Tuesday night at local tracks across the country, a one mile run in silence was held to honor the runners of the Boston Marathon.  Ours was held at A.G. Middle School. I arrived at 8:55 to news crews galore and not a single parking space in site.  Having just completed a speed work out earlier that night, I opted to capture the moment on the sideline to share with you here.  Goosebumps all over my body.  People of all ages attended wearing work clothes, pushing baby strollers, walkers, runners; all united to tell those impacted by Monday's tragedy, You Will Run Again.

Love and peace, Whitley