Along Came Polly


A few pictures here from my visit to Chapel Hill last year for a little photoshoot fun with my dear friend Roy Rice.  Yes they are chaps, no the gun was not loaded, no animals were harmed in my lifetime for the sake of this photo shoot, and yes a woman on her cell phone walked by and told the person on the other end (in a very terrified manner), "there are people very close to me holding a gun!"  Oh, and just in case you did not know the King of the Wild Frontier, David "Davy" Crockett's wife's name, it was Polly.  Polly wasn't the first woman Davy proposed marriage to, but against her parent's better wishes, Polly is the one he married.  If you've got great passion for The Old North State, I know you will love Roy's photographic interpretations of gorgeous scenery, local folk and, of course, magical places all around the UNC campus. Like Roy's facebook page to keep up with his candid, ungoverned emotion for what his eyes and heart see through the lens of a camera.

Thanks so much for being here, Whitley