Two Years


Today the Queen City Style turns two!  As I sit here, I deliberate just what to write. This happens a lot.  I think, type, delete, type, delete.  It's safe to say I struggle sharing all that I am thinking. I want to be real with you people, and I am, but I think there also needs to be some level of intrigue. Like dating. It's no mystery though how giddily silly and excited I was creating this very first post. Lucky Magazine ran my story on their back page, and the rest is history.  I'll never forget my excitement. Who knew a career would blossom for that story, this blog?  I had no idea, but I could not be happier about it.  I am excited for every opportunity to collaborate, style and create, and I have met some of the most awesome, fun and cool collegues, clients and friends along the way.  It's been validating to know there are so many other dreamers out there like me.  If I keep going in this direction, I run the risk of this sounding more like a journal entry than a fashion blog post, so I'll sign off sharing photos and a link to the Queen City Style's very first post.  Most important of all, thank you so much for being here and being a part of my joy!

With so much love and appreciation,