Chip and Pepper California


Denim and Shirt thanks to Chip & Pepper California. Boots: Charlie 1 Horse for Lucchese. Glasses: RayBan. Photograhy: Jon Silla. Hair and Makeup: Deme Fourtounis.

An old new line of denim and casual wear has made its way from the California coast right here to the Queen City.  Do you remember the names Chip and Pepper? Think waaay back. It all started in the 1980's for Canadian born identical twin brothers, Chip and Pepper, when they began selling t-shirts and bathing suits out of the back of their truck.  The zany duo also made it big on screen with their own television show.  In 2003, Chip and Pepper launched their first premium vintage denim line called, as you may recall, Chip & Pepper.  Well now, thanks to a partnership with the dynamic denim making duo, Belk has added Chip & Pepper California to a total of 100 Belk stores and At $78, I am the proud owner of three pairs of my new favorite comfortable denim.  The pair I'm wearing here is now on sale at Belk for $27.29. Yes, that's correct.  Hot denim in crazy town.  That is less than you will pay for jeans at Walmart.

Peace and love, Whitley