Get This For Your Girl For Christmas

I love every opportunity I get to style and create and at 36 I pinch myself daily because there really is nothing else I would rather be doing.  Ask me two years ago, and I could not have said that.  I would drink coffee, create and sleep (as per this t-shirt I discovered by way of my friend Holly's awesome style crack blog) for free all of the time if it weren't for the cost of childcare.  When my friend, Charlotte's Godfather of photography, Jon Silla, offered me a day of fun in his studio, I knew I could not say no.  I called out for my girl Deme to make me feel prettier than anyone else can and on a whim thought how fun would it be to video document our day of flashes, music, pie, libations and laughter. Thanks to PJ Barnes for putting the icing on the cake.  So fellas, we are down to the wire on Christmas shopping. If you have not yet gotten your lady a gift, and you think she would enjoy a day of glamour, may I suggest this?  Not much brings me more joy than helping other people look and feel their best, and if mama may say, it was really fun being on the receiving end of all that shooshing!

If you or someone you know might enjoy a day of glamor, I would love to help you get it!

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Achieve joy, have fun, be free...

Oh and Merry, Merry, Merry!