Baby Mama


Hey Y'all!  I would like for you to meet my new friend, Izabelle.  She's the most versatile, go with the flow, sexiest thing since the days of Flashdance. Yes, I am talking about my sweatshirt!  If you haven't yet heard of Charlotte's most popular line of casual wear, La Senorita Jolie, consider yourself introduced.  And for those of you wearing your sweatshirt and messy pony tail through the carpool line instead of a more desirable and polished outfit with perfectly coifed hair, I want to personally thank you for not leaving me a soldier of one on Team Survival.  Izabelle is the perfect way to take things up a notch. The kangaroo pocket is perfect for stowing that extra pack of wipes and with the slouchy fit, you never have to worry about baby pulling your shirt down to expose your shoulder.  What's more to love, she can be yours in Carolina Blue too!  Use code LSJ-QCS at check out and get free shipping!  Heeere's Izzie