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I am so excited to introduce to you one of my new blogging friends, Annette Hoeldrich of Lady of Style.  As a follower of the Queen City Style, Annette reached out to me with the most lovely greeting.  She started writing Lady of Style, and I immediately fell in love.  As I've said time and time again, my favorite thing about fashion is that there is so much room for interpretation.  I find my own personal style sometimes difficult to pin down, because I love the artistry of fashion so much. I simply adore the idea that my readership consists of men and women ranging in all ages, ethnicity and cultures.  I love receiving inquiries from readers with certain requests for outfit posts.  The clients I style range in age from the 30's to 60's.  Annette recently turned 50 (a stunning natural beauty), and I now turn to Lady of Style to take cues when styling some of my own clients! Without further adieu, thanks for being here, lovely Annette...

"Would you like to guest post on my blog?"

Me? I just started blogging 3 months ago and now I receive this generous offer from Whitley? From this gorgeous woman with her fabulous blog and all those stunning photoshoots that I followed even before I thought of an own blog? Honestly, I was flattered and proud!

I came quite a long way over from Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany, an hour's drive south of Munich. Maybe you've heard about the famous Passion Play?

When my daughter started blogging I was involved to get her started and there was something on my mind: Why are there only so few blogs for women 40+?

I haven't given up my passion for fashion and style just because I turned 50 recently. There is a good reason for age-appropriate dressing but that doesn't mean we have to look frumpy! I love following trends if I can give them my personal signature: Elegance on a budget.

Finally spring arrived and I couldn't wait to get my new floral prints out. These trousers are part of the Lana del Rey collection for H+M. I love the colours and the silky fabric. Paired with a light purple lingerie top and my new white blazer (a must for this season!) I feel ready for spring.

What do you think about my purple velvet shoes? They are really comfortable and I got them on sale for 10€!

If you want to know more about me and my style, I'll invite you over to visit my blog Lady of Style.

Whitley, thank you so much for hosting me! It has been such a pleasure and fun to work with you. I am really looking forward to your post over at my place!

Hugs from Germany,


Trousers: H+M Lana del Rey | Blazer: H+M | Lingerie Top: 3Suisses Pumps: H+M | Jewellery: vintage | Bag: from Thailand

Spring Purple Florals

Spring Purple Florals by annette-ladyofstyle

Patrizia Pepe top, €175 / H&M h m blazer, €35 / Pants / H&M heels, €35 / FOSSIL tote, €190 / Carolee multi chain necklace, €7,66 / Accessorizestretch bracelet, €7,66 / Bounkit, €69 / Essie nail polish, €6,13