FOUR Magazine Feature

I am so excited to be featured in the current issue of FOUR Magazine.  Blown away might best describe the feeling.  If you are not familiar with this publication, it is exquisite in every way. Available four times a year, the publication is named so as it depicts the "collaborative fusion of provacative and unapologetic design, fashion, art and culture"... as it provides "an uleashing from the status quo."  This is my kind of magazine, and if you share an affection for this kind of zest, I think it will be yours too.  If you are in the Queen City, I would love for you to grab your own copy here, and let me know what you think!


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A huge thank you to Four Magazine.

Kudos to photographer Joshua Galloway. You are young, hard working, polite and kind.  Your future is so bright, friend! Lastly, thank you to perhaps my favorite little shop in town, Poole Shop, for lending some out of this world threads and styling talent.

Thanks so much for being here.  Pinch me please...