Wave It Proud

Independence Day eve most wonderful man in the world and I took the uptown bound train to see Coldplay perform at the arena.  

WOW.  What a show. How could the performance have possibly been better than the last, you ask?

Confetti Everywhere!!

Well, when you are just about within reaching distance of Chris Martin laying down on the stage doing his gyrating thing that he and Gwenny probably practice together (hey... yoga!!), then you are feeling just like the temps.  HOT. HOT. HOT.  

Everybody was given a wrist band with a light sensor.  Amazing!

Well, not completely sure about all that on the ground stuff, but the Jordan-Worthy leaping across the sky moves (OMG.  Did you follow me there?  Killing myself.  Go Tar Heels!  Sorry, could not be helped.) ... that is some gooooooood stuff.  If you haven't seen Coldplay perform live, do not stop to collect $200, just GO!  If you have, then you know of what I'm speaking.  Given the day ahead of appreciation for our freedom--and the gazillion degree temps--I reached straight for this pair of shorts and tank (of which I must own in 14 colors-perfect fit).  And, a few photos...  

I've received lots of inquiry about these shorts.  Would you expect anything other than J. Crew?  You should get a pair!  They are available in red and white or blue and white stripe.  FYI, these shorts run one size big on me, and they have stretched just a bit after a couple of wears.

Tank: Gap. Shorts: J. Crew.  Sandals: Nine West (old), but here's a cool pair. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators.  Earrings: Gifted.  Right Arm Bracelet: Old.  Left Arm Bracelets: Stella & Dot here and now on SALE here and J. Crew. Rings: Custom by Diamonds Direct and Tiffany.

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For the love of stylin' with great pride and joy...
I hope you and yours had a wonderful day... of rest or celebration!  Whitley