Get Your Stretch On With Run For Your Life

I'm back with one more post with my running partners over at Run For Your Life. Today's post is about the importance of stretching.  While I won't be running the Boston Marathon this year, I think about my training last year and all of the friends I'll be cheering on in spirit this year.

If you are a runner who likes to visit the Queen City Style, here are a few stretches to keep your body flexible and muscles conditioned.  We used the Pro Tec Foam Roller to help stretch and stimulate the muscles for the following - hamstrings - IT band - quads and calves.  Roll each muscle back and forth 10 times, and do at least three sets. By doing these exercises on a daily basis it will help alleviate muscle and soft tissue tightness of the upper and lower back, IT band, hamstring, abductors, and upper arm + more. We also used the Deep Tissue Massage Ball which targets similar muscle groups but focus on smaller areas.

The key to Running is COMFORT! Running is hard enough, so it's important to be as comfortable as possible by wearing and using the following items... Moisture wicking clothes and socks...NO COTTON, Hats and Sport Sunglasses, Proper Shoes, Body Glide, Water Bottles and Belts.  With regard to nutrition, you should put something back in your body every 45 mins. All of these stretching and nutritional products are available at your local Run For Your Life.  Check out Run For Your Life's four locations.

Zumba Holly, Baby!

Zumba is such a HOT trend right now. At pretty much every gym you go to you can find a Zumba class. The music is hot, the dance moves are hot and the clothing line is so different than what you find any where else.  Since this is my job, and I teach Zumba almost every day I want to be happy in what I wear to teach, and it ends up that I live in these clothes. So while I am shaking my boo-tay I can look on par while doing the job I love, and for this post I have some really great clothes to show off!

I am in love with the Peace Perfect Long leggings in pink. They have the words peace and love all over them. Super lightweight and comfortable. I paired it with the Mirror Me Racerback in sew black with a big gold Z on the front. Love this top. The Racerback is one of my favorite styles of shirts.  Great fit. I threw on the Cold Shoulder Zip-Up in thunderin grey over top. Two different patters, but wild and crazy is always fun. The unique thing about this zip-up is you can unzip the shoulders to show off your sexy shoulders for a different look.

The next look was the Funky Cropped Harem Pant in white. I thought I would never wear these, but I fell in love with them. They feel great on and give a more relaxed look. I  paired them perfectly with the Mesh With Me Tank top in Sew Black, another favorite. It is a double layer tank with the Zumba logo showing through. 

The last few tops I just threw on with my old black Zumba leggings. The Burn It Up Bubble Racer Back in Thunderin' Grey looked great with the light black leggings. I loved how it looked almost like you had on two tops but it is one, and I like the loose fit and silver logo on the front.  The Frill Me Headliner Top in White is the best sweatshirt ever! It has a funky design on front and back. I have not only worn this to teach, but I have been sporting it all over town to pick the kids up from school, to go shopping, going out to name it!

If you need a new sports bra the lifted lightly bra is the best sports bra I have ever owned. It has double straps that give it a fun look, but it supports great and is so amazingly soft. I have the Thunderin grey which goes with anything.  Last but not least are these CUTE shoes! The Zumba Super Fly Print sneaker is lightweight and breathable and has the Z-Slide that lets you move and slide with ease.

Mix and match many of these items to give you different looks, and take 'em to the streets looking super stylish!

Lolabean Lightening Bolt

I think most of you know I am somewhat of a runoholic and that I ran the Kiawah Marathon last weekend.  I was nervous going into the race since I have maintained some sort of injury for the better part of the last 12-18 months.  This was the first race in at least that long that I was showing up for totally injury free and healthy.  Totally awesome but also scary at the same time. I realized my speedy training at both short and long distances was likely what was causing the break down.  I ran a conservative race at Kiawah, felt great and qualified for Boston again in 2016!  This my third marathon, and I was about a minute shy of my fastest finish, BUT I placed 5th in my age division, so I am very happy with the entire experience and feel very blessed.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you likely saw this awesome Lightening Bolt necklace from Lolabean, sent to me by way of an awesome friend of one of my hippest friends.  I wore my Lightening Bolt necklace as a good luck charm for fast feet during my race.  It worked!

Want to a Lightening Bolt swift feet good luck charm like mine?  Through January 1st Lolabean is offering 20% off all products to all readers of the Queen City Style.  Shop all their delicate wonders here, and enter code queencitystyle20.

Zumba Couture

Cousin Holly is back with another session of Fit + Fab, Zumba Style!  I've been really looking forward Zumba classes at the Y as a great way to take a break from running and do a little fanny shake cross training.  I love the clothes Holly is wearing this time.  Take it away Holly!

This hole front tank top in Grey and Black is simple but so cute!  Just a little peek a boo to reveal a small amount of sexy, and with just a tiny Zumba logo on on the bottom corner, this simple top makes for great street wear too. I've paired it with these great capri pants that come just below the knee and have an elastic back to cuff the bottom. The top has a wide elastic band that makes them fit perfect. I could seriously wear these sweatpants everyday!

This sweatshirt is the most comfy sweatshirt I have ever owned! It is solid grey with the same peek a boo hole like the tank top and the same tiny Zumba logo on the corner. It might be hard to wear over loose fitting tops, but with a tight tank you can pull this sweatshirt over on cooler days and head to class!

I have to say I was not too sure about this top when I first saw it. I thought it looked too big, but then I put it on, and I loved it!  I like the long and loose fit of this tank, and the bottom is a little longer which makes it look great with tight black leggings! Pair it with the black z top sneakers and you have a great look!

This cold shoulder hoodie is a MUST have for anyone who loves Zumba!  The fit is amazing. It has a large scoop neck, and the hoodie on the back has ties so you can pull it tight. It's just a great looking top that goes great over any other top.  It is lightweight so you won't get too hot dancing in it.

This is a COOL sports bra. I love the v shape of it and the fact that it does not stick out when I wear other tops. It has a great fit and comes with a hood attached! Now, any top you wear looks like it has a hood! Such a super fun and unique look for a bra!

I am obsessed with wild print leggings. I am always am on the hunt for something fun and different, and these fit the bill just perfect! They are back and blue in a very retro print. They have a hot pink zumba logo on the bottom of one of the legs. I paired it with a black tank, but you could also pair it with blue or hot pink for an amazing look! They are super lightweight, and even on a hot day you will stay nice and dry in them.

And last but not least, watch us shake it, and get your Zumba on!

For all you Zumba lovers, there's new Zumba® wear coming soon, and the brand is giving away over 20,000 gift cards and other rewards to celebrate the launch! You could even score a free class with Zumba® creator Beto Perez! Go to to enter!  Enoy!

Panther Pride

If you're a local sports loving mama, you may have already seen my article this month for Charlotte Parent Magazine where I share my picks for some of the hottest football fashions this season.  More to come on that, but right now, I've got to tell you about a very exciting Sports Fashion event happening THIS SUNDAY. If you're going to the football game, be sure to stop by the Carolina Panthers new Style Lounge for some one of a kind fashion fun!  Fellow Charlotte wardrobe stylist Erica Hanks co-hosts the Panther's Style Lounge this weekend.  Combining Panthers apparel with items from local Charlotte stores, Erica and her team will share even more ways you can sport your Panther pride wile staying chic!  Hope to see you there and GOOOO PANTHERS!

Zumba Fashion Is Perfect For The Streets

Cute Cousin Holly is back today with another round of Zumba fashion!  This time Holly is talking about the versatility of her Zumba brand work out gear.  I'm not sure about other Moms on the go, but when I am wearing my Mommy hat, it is straight up comfort or bust.  I dress for the occasion, and when I am with my boys, I've got to be able to move and move fast. That said, I'm always looking for cute work out gear to wear on the job.  Today I am totally taking a cue from Cousin Holly.  Take it away Holly!

Take a look at these hot new items from Zumba, and you will see why I love the line of clothes as much as I do.  The Sew Unusual Shoulder Slash Tee is a stylish top that I threw on with my jeans. You can take this top from the studio straight to the streets!  I love the wild print, my shoulders peeking out, and the drawstring at the waist makes it even more flattering.  The blue and pink Zumba Impact Max shoes are some of the cutest I have ever seen. I love the color options available.  They give tons of support and feel great.  I wear these even when I'm not teaching.  And, who can't use a good lightweight zip up hoodie?  I love to have a jacket to throw on over my tops in the morning when it is cool or after my night classes. The pink and purple Ziptastic zip up hoodie is made of the softest fabric and looks great with tons of my other outfits.  The feather print Lift Me Up Long Leggings are to die for!  This print is so fun and different. Every time I wear them I am asked where I got them.  I TOTALLY rock these while I am out running my errands or picking my kids up at school.  A big benefit of these leggings is the  Z-Dri™ technology...they keep you nice and cool while teaching and don't show sweat! 

The So Shaded Capri Leggings are the best!  I love the zipper on the bottom of the legs,  as well as the faded grey to black pattern. Pair these with a black tee, and you're ready to meet your friends for lunch. I love a comfortable sweatshirt you can wear with anything, and one of my favorites is the Boat Neck Sweatshirt.  It can be worn super casual or dressed up, paired with a cute skirt and fun gold earrings. The inside is so soft.  I think I might live in this in the fall and winter.  This is why Zumba clothes are so amazing!  Most everything can be worn from the class to the street and not feel like you are in your work-out clothes.  As an on the go Mom of two small children, I wear my Zumba gear pretty much all weekend long.  You can't beat style and comfort!

Keep it rocking!  Holly

My Love For Running + Run For Your Life

Many of you know about my love for the sport of running.  I was a competitive runner in high school and ran some road races in college and after that.  I put it down for several years, then picked it back up after Precious Peanut #1 was born, when a couple of girlfriends talked of the idea of running a half marathon to work off the baby weight.  In high school, the one and two mile events were considered long distance, and the longest I had ever run was a 10K.  I ran the Kiawah half marathon with my girlfriends, and it was so much fun.  I continued to run some through my next pregnancy, but after clumsily breaking my pinkie toe, I took a break from it. The baby weight from Precious Peanut #2 seemed so much more, well, GROSS, than the first, and I wanted to do something about immediately.  I heard about running groups at Run For Your Life, for all ages and speeds, so I joined.  Through this group I met some really great people who shared my passion for running, or physical fitness, or determination... for so many things.  THIS is when I caught the bug, and my running mates are some of my closest friends.

While running is a means of physical fitness, it is so much more.  It is something you can do almost anywhere.  Just strap on your shoes and go.  When I decided to take a step back from my previous business, running became my channel for personal accomplishment.  Nursing a baby for a year, whilst a toddler running circles around me was definitely a challenge, and as much as I loved my new role of mommy to two children, I needed more for ME.  What started out as a means of accomplishment truly became a best friend for me.  At the end of the day, whether it was good or bad for me, running was always there.  It is my time to decompress, think about the day behind or think about the day ahead of me.  When I run alone, it is a time that allows for creative thinking. I think about my styling my next photo shoot, what I will write for my next article with Charlotte Parent, or what I will write here.  If I've had a bad day, within minutes of hitting the pavement, the stress is gone.  And when I run with friends, it is therapeutic. Runners come from all different backgrounds, but everyone shares the same passion for this one thing.  Everyone is supportive of each other, regardless of your pace.

To learn more about the Run For Your Life training programs, click here.  Now that you've seen how much fun running can be, (or in this case, dancing) I'll be back next time with David for some helpful demonstrations and talk about the important of stretching.

Happy Running!


Zumba, Baby

In case you missed yesterday's post, I am so excited to add a new fitness series to the Queen City Style.  As we all know, taking good care of yourself is always in style, so I will appropriately call the new series Fit + Fab!  I could not be more thrilled to welcome my Zumba instructor cousin, Cousin Holly, as the first guest contributor.  Cousin Holly will share with us some of the many benefits of this great exercise program while styling Zumba apparel.  Dancing is such a great form of exercise, one of my favorites, and so for this first month's story, I asked Holly to tell us what she loves about Zumba as well as the clothes.  So without further adieu, I give you Cousin Holly...

The reason I love Zumba Fitness is is a fun, high energy, party like class. The music is very different than your average cardio class. It is a little Latin mixed with a little Hip Hop! After my two children were born I worked so hard to lose the weight. I would hit the gym and get on the elliptical machine and then run for a little bit. I am not a runner.  So, I started taking Zumba and the weight came flying off!!! I was taking a Zumba class about three times a week and saw a huge difference. I fell in love with it so much I started teaching three years ago. For me, it is by far the best work-out. You are moving NON-STOP, dancing and shaking for the entire hour. It makes me feel so good about myself, and it puts me in such a good mood. You burn, on average, 600 calories per class! It is super easy to modify, so if you want to take it down a notch you can. You truly feel like you are out at a party and when the class gets into it the more fun it is. I lost 20 pounds just like that, and now the weight stays off. You are moving your entire body which means you are working your arms, legs, core, and butt. 

Regarding Zumba Fashion, it is stylish, cool, unique, fun and most important, comfy.  I love the fact that I can wear it in class and then hit the streets in style. The long black leggings are something everyone can use. They are simple with just a small splash of zumba on the ankle with the Zumba logo. They feel great on, stay up on the hips, and make your butt look great!! They are lightweight and hold in the sweat, which means no dreaded sweat marks.

The hoodie is super cute; so hip and fun with just a little sexy.  It is lightweight and very versatile. Throw a tank under it, and you can wear it out on the town!  The sports bra is GREAT. Cool design and cool colors, which makes you want to show it off. So much more fun than a plain old solid sports bra.

The Zumba Energy Push High sneakers are on the wild side. Coming from someone who has never worn a high top shoe ever, they are amazingly comfortable. They have great support for the foot and ankle, which is very important with all the lateral movement you do in most gym classes.  These shoes will allow you the ability to slide, twist your hips, pivot, and shake your whole body.  BOLD is the best word that describes these shoes... break out of you shell and try them!

As you can see, I love Zumba, I love this line of clothing, and I can't wait to share more with you!  Thanks so much for being here!  Holly



Fit + Fab

fit+ fab.jpg

If you've been coming here for a while, and in particular if you follow the Queen City Style on Instagram, you likely know my passion for running.  I love it for many reasons.  It is my me time.  I love the down to earth people I meet from all different backgrounds.  Running serves as a stress release.  It is my time to be creative and just breathe in the air.  There are many reasons, but in summary, it is a means of physical fitness benefiting my mind, body and my soul.  Running isn't for everyone, but there IS a form of exercise that is right for everyone. I also love to dance.  You work every single spec of your body doing it.  There's a reason those people on Dancing With The Stars look so great!  As a member of my local YMCA, I safely call the local branch my home away from home.  Two of the classes I have not tried but absolutely want to are the Zumba and hip hop classes.  

So, when Zumba contacted me to discuss a partnership with them, I quickly thought to myself, I have the most brilliant idea!  My husband's cousin, Holly, (from here on out we'll otherwise refer to as Cousin Holly) is a Zumba teacher in the eastern part of the state.  For the last year I have shamelessly stalked her facebook photos.  She looks great.  She looks very fit, and most importantly, she looks so happy!!  My brilliant idea was who better to style out the Zumba threads and share the benefits of Zumba other than Cousin Holly!?

Cousin Holly and her sweet, precious family.

Cousin Holly and her sweet, precious family.

I am frequently asked about my personal fitness routine and how I find the time to fit in regular exercise. This is something that is very important to me, so I make it a priority in my daily life, but that does NOT mean finding the balance is always easy.  So, as I stay on a constant quest to find my own balance, and as the Queen City Style gets back to it's original roots of showcasing not just fashion but ALL things stylish, I am really looking forward to a new Fit + Fab series, where I will share with you all things fun in fitness.  I am so excited to welcome Cousin Holly as the first contributor for this new fitness series.  Over the next 8 months, Holly will share her experience wearing the Zumba apparel, and of course, she will educate us on the many benefits of this fat burning, energy filled, party like class.  Tomorrow marks the first day of this excited collaboration, so stay tuned!


Wear This To the Golf Tournament

Any golf fans out there?  This week is the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament at the gorgeous Quail Hollow Country Club here in the Queen City.  I'm expanding on the idea of today's post from the mommy style column I wrote earlier this week for Charlotte Parent Magazine.  I realize this is not exactly the most practical attire for walking the course six+ hours or even maybe two holes, but it certainly does make for chic daydreaming.

Wells Fargo Championship

Jacket + Shorts / Shoes / Tank / Hat / Bag / Sunglasses / Sunscreen

If you see me on the course, fore!  Whitley

You Will Run Again

If you've followed along here for a while, you probably saw this collaboration where I styled hot summer trends for ladies runner fashion.  Spring is here, which means I'll be hosting another Run For Your Life Giveaway very soon!  This past weekend, I traveled to the Outer Banks to run a half marathon and visit family.  My whole crew went, as well as one of my closest running friends. Sunday was a gorgeous day for a race, just one day before the Boston Marathon.  I recently ran my first marathon, qualifying for Boston in 2014.  I always knew it was the big dog of marathons, but it was until this past Monday that I realized the magnitude and symbolism of this race.  The Boston Marathon is held on Patriots Day, a day much like New Year's Eve in Times Square.  It is a day for bringing people together, celebrating months and months, if not years of hard work toward a singular goal.  Four hundred and fifty runners from the Charlotte area competed in Monday's race. At least three were injured; one critically.  My heart goes out to everyone who worked so hard for this momentous day and to anyone impacted by this horrendous event.  President Obama said in his speech today, "You Will Run Again".  He is a smart man, regardless of your political views, as any marathon runner knows the last thing you ever did was try to stop her from running again.

I'm pictured with the first and second place female winners.  The first place finisher (middle) hopped on a plane to Boston immediately after this picture to go run the marathon.  (tough chick).

Talk about another tough chick; Carla finished behind me by maybe a minute.  She is 51 years old and placed first in the Female Master's Division. Amazing.

Tuesday night at local tracks across the country, a one mile run in silence was held to honor the runners of the Boston Marathon.  Ours was held at A.G. Middle School. I arrived at 8:55 to news crews galore and not a single parking space in site.  Having just completed a speed work out earlier that night, I opted to capture the moment on the sideline to share with you here.  Goosebumps all over my body.  People of all ages attended wearing work clothes, pushing baby strollers, walkers, runners; all united to tell those impacted by Monday's tragedy, You Will Run Again.

Love and peace, Whitley

Runner Fashion Round Up And A Giveaway

Hello Friends!  I hope you have enjoyed the runner fashion series collaborating with Queen City running store, Run For Your Life.  It's a bit of a diversion from the standard fashion post, but I like to exercise, and I like to shake things up a bit, so it just made sense.  On to the fun part....


As a recap, below are the four runner fashion looks, as well as my street style interpretation of the outfit.

Here are the ways you may enter to win:

1) Mandatory Entry - Follow the Queen City Style by Email, Bloglovin' or Google Friend Connect.

2) Mandatory Entry - "Like" Run For Your Life onFacebook.

Additional Entries:

3) "Like" the Queen City Style on Facebook.

4) Share this giveaway.

5) Tell me which runner outfit or which outfit interpretation you like most.

Please indicate in the comment form below each of the ways you have entered.  It's easiest to list 1,2,3 etc. Last thing, if you can't wait to see if you're the winner, you may still save 15% off all apparel (men AND women) at Run For Your life when you mention the Queen City Style!  

Giveaway ends Tuesday, August 14 and the winner announced Thursday, August 16!

Good luck, and thanks for participating!

For the love of running and winning...

Love, Style and Peace, Whitley

And the winner is....

Liz Cogswell

August 13, 2012 10:39 AM

I entered via 1, 2, 3, and 5 - my favorite outfit is #1. Thanks!

Thanks so much, everyone, for entering! Liz, please email me within 48 hours at to claim your prize!  If you did not win, you can still take advantage of the 15% discount at Run For Your Life through the remainder of the week when you mention the Queen City Style.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!  xx-Whitley

Interpreting Yesterday's Runner Fashion Outfit

Hello!  Today's outfit is my street style interpretation of the last of four runner fashion outfits from Run For Your Life.  This outfit is not a dead-on interpretation of the colors in the runner fashion outfit, but it is the closest I had to pull from in my closet.  I preach to use what you got, so dare I be hypocritical for the sake of an outfit post!  Very little was used for this simple ensemble.  A little vintage Lilly, my favorite ribbed tank from Gap and all the usual suspect accessories.  I revisited the scene of my beloved old neighborhood for this post, Dilworth, which always feels right at home.

Skirt: Lilly Pulitzer (belonged to my Grandmother), last seen here, here's a current skirt I love. Tank: Gap. Shoes: fibi & clo. Clutch: Coach (old), here's my current fav. Sunglasses: Blinde, here's a less expensive pair. Earrings: (old), but here's a pair I love. Bracelets: My Grandmother's and Stella & Dot. Rings: Tiffany and Custom by Diamonds Direct.

For the love of interpreting in fun style,

Have a wonderful day!!  Whitley

Runner Fashion: Check Shorts & Sexy Back Tank

Hello Everyone!!  Today's runner fashion outfit is the last of four showcasing Charlotte running store, Run For Your Life.  I've so much enjoyed my running and shopping experiences with the store that I couldn't resist approaching them about this fun collaboration.  Two things occurred to me.  There is definitely such a thing as runner fashion, and most of us who get into fashion want to look our best wearing it!  Chances are there is some kind of exercise involved, unless you're just naturally gifted.  I, for one, have some room for improvement in the exercise/runner fashion department, and writing this series has given me some great inspiration to break away from the free poly tech racing tee's!  I hope you've been inspired too!  

Tank: Adidas, c/o Run For Your Life. Shorts: Adidas, c/o Run For Your Life, or similar.

Shoes: Mizuno. Sport Watch: Garmin. Sunglasses: Native. Earrings: JoJo Loves You.


Stay tuned to tomorrow's fashion interpretation of this running outfit, and then it's giveaway time!!  Don't forget to take advantage of Run For Your Life's 15% discount on all apparel when you mention this post!

For the love of runnin' in great style,

Thanks for reading!! Whitley

Runner Fashion: Skirt, Ruched Tank, Wrap Top

Hello!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I went to Charleston, SC for a little getaway and had a full weekend of quality time with some old friends.  It was gorgeous and sunny, albeit a bit hot, but a fulfilling diversion from life on the homestead.

Tank: Moving Comfort, c/o Run For Your Life. Skirt: RunningSkirts, c/o Run For Your Life. Wrap Top: Saucony, c/o Run For Your Life. Shoes: Mizuno. Sunglasses: Native. Sport Watch: Garmin. Earrings: JoJo Loves You

Today I am sporting my third of four runner fashion looks in my collaboration with Run For Your Life.  I was intentional in picking four looks that were completely unique from one another.  First I wore the black running dress, then I got a sporty with tight running shorts and a tank, and today I'm wearing a pretty skirt and ruched tank topped off with a comfy wrap.  Certainly not exclusive to, but I think this is a perfect style for moms on the go.  It is cute enough to wear all day--first and foremost for exercise, but also great for preschool pick-ups, errands and play time.  Comfortable, functional and cute.  I think we all feel good when we look good.  This runner outfit allows you to put your best foot forward in your gear!  What do you think?   Want this outfit for yourself?  

Head to Run For Your Life and mention the Queen City Style for 15% off any purchase on apparel.

Oh, and here's a sneak peak at tomorrow's fashion interpretation!

For the love of running around, in great style...

Have a wonderful day!!  Whitley

Runner Fashion: Tight Shorts and Tank

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Today I resume my collaboration with Run For Your Life by styling my second of four picks showcasing women's runner fashion.  I wore a black running dress last week, and today I'm taking things in a slightly different direction with these tight shorts and tank.  As per one of my training partners, I'll admit, in the past I have fallen victim to cotton.  I do love the fabric of our lives, but running in the dead middle of the summer's heat is not the time or place.  Thanks to this collaboration, I'm thrilled to know there is some super stylish running attire out there just waiting to be worn!

Tank: Saucony, c/o Run For Your Life. Shorts: Saucony, c.o Run For Your Life, also in plain black. Shoes: Mizuno. Sport Watch: Garmin. Sunglasses: Native. Earrings: JoJo Loves You.

Of all the runner outfits I will be styling here, this one definitely reminds me most of what all those marathon record holding female runners wear on the cover of the magazines.  I could not bring myself to wear an athletic sports bra that shows the midriff, but if you are as ripped as those ladies are, go for it!

If you are in the Queen City and would like this runner outfit for yourself, head on over to Run For Your Life!  

Mention this post for 15% off your purchase!! See you at the $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

One more thing... Please nominate Run For Your Life as One of the 50 Best stores in America!

Here's a peak at tomorrow's street style interpretation of this runner fashion outfit!

For the love of running in great style...

Thanks for reading!  Whitley

Runner Fashion: Black Running Dress

I'm so excited about my collaboration with Run For Your Life.  If you run in Charlotte, more likely than not, you are familiar with the store.  I have always purchased my running shoes from their store, possibly because of the close proximity to my home.  Or perhaps, it is because I worked with the company on races they helped facilitate and sponsor way back when I worked in not for profit.  It's fair to say the main reason I continued to buy my shoes there was because of their knowledge and expertise, but above all, for their excellent customer service.  In Run For Your Life's case, you get it all.  I was more eager than ever to get back into shape after Precious Peanut #2 was born, and after a tip from one of my husband's co-workers, I contacted the store about joining a training group.  On a personal note, it turned out to be one of the best things that's happened to me in a long time.  It was like being reunited with an old friend (running) and making some new friends in the process.  I have so much enjoyed my reunion with running and my connection with Run For Your Life that I reached out to them about collaborating for this series on runner fashion.  I mean, we all work so hard to not only look but feel good in our clothes.  Why not want the same while exercising?

Running Dress: Moving Comfort, c/o Run For Your Life. Under Shorts: Mizuno, c/o Run For Your Life. Shoes: Mizuno. Sunglasses: Native. Sports Watch: Garmin. Earrings: JoJo Loves You.

A running dress you say??  It's not something I've worn before, but I REALLY like this dress!  It's easy to move in, and it's comfortable.  Not to mention it would be perfect for tennis or even golf!  I kinda feel like it's time to set a new trend.  Do any of you own a running dress?  

Here's a peak at tomorrow's fashion interpretation of the running dress!

For the love of running in comfort and style, thanks for reading! Whitley

(Credits are listed for all items.  However, if you live in the Queen City, please call or visit your local Run For Your Life store for inquiries about anything you see worn here!)