Valentine's Day For The Fun Girl

As the song goes, Girls just wanna have fu-un!  If you're girl is a fun one, I know any of the below items will be the perfect gift for her this Valentine's Day.  If you ARE the gal, no time like the present to treat yourself!  1) Fun 2) Sooo Fun 3) Now you're really talkin' FUN girl.  Check out all the fun HERE.


Check out all the fun HERE.

Gift Guide For The Style Obsessed Coffee Table Book Collector

A few clients and friends have texted and emailed to ask if I'll be sharing my top Gift Guide picks for this holiday season. You ask and you shall receive.  SO.... here is my first of the season; Coffee Table Books For The Style Obsessed!  My own coffee tables, chairs, radiator box covers and side tables are piled high with them, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.  Since I'm equally in love with one of a kind fashion, emerald shiny interiors and impeccable manners, none of which ever go out of style, there's a little bit of all three here.  I hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for me in His, Hers, Wee Ones, Hostess Gifts and more!

Alice + Olivia On Sale!

One of my very favorite modern day designers is Stacey Bendet, CEO and Creative Director the fashion house of Alice and Olivia.  The global brand launched at Barneys in 2001 and is currently sold in over fifty countries. In the Queen City, you can shop Alice and Olivia at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.  I adore this three piece suit of shorts, top and jacket I used in one of the looks in the May issue of SouthPark Magazine.

Shop my favorite current Alice + Olivia items below on Sale up to 75% Off!  Now is the time to do it ladies, because these are the best prices you'll ever see for these one of a kind pieces, and once their gone, their gone! 

Wallpaper Dreams

This past Sunday was simply way too hot to do anything outside, so I got on one of my at least bi-monthly decorating overhauls.  This doesn't mean move a few accessories on the bookshelf. This means move the biggest pieces of furniture into the room furthest away, and create an entirely new room.  I posted one picture of the foyer on Instagram.  I moved this sideboard/chest of drawers all by myself, down and up the other side of the sunken living room, and across almost the entire length of house.  Pure happiness (now working my way toward shredded biceps)!  

At any rate, I'm constantly dreaming of wallpapering many rooms of the house, but that is not so much a way to decorate on the cheap, so for the meanwhile, I happily use lots of bright colorful paint as a way to create a completely unique look.  I will never stop dreaming, however, so below are a few more affordable papers I am currently loving.  Click on the blog post title if you are unable to see the below images in your reader...

Even Paris Hilton Does Not Have This Closet

Pictures via Pink Peonies

If you are a fashion blog-o-sphere junkie, there is no way you've missed Rachel Parcell's uber popular blog, Pink Peonies.  Rach is the leading brunette beauty fashion blogger of all beautiful brunette fashion bloggers... with amazing clothes... for days.  And shoes. And bags. And so on and so forth.  But her closet is what I am drooling over most of all.  I mean have you ever seen anything more magnificent than putting your home office IN your closet surrounded by the beautiful things that inspire you most?  One day.  I will say, however, I've done quite an amazing job DIYing my way into an aspiring home office.  I mean, I have kelly green quilted artichokes dancing across my prized vintage sofa couch.  Paris NOR Rachel have that.  SO. There you have it.  OR, below, you really can have it. 


Love It, Wear It: Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf

Today's outfit inspiration comes by way of the stunningly colorful Tobacco Leaf Plate.  I have loved this pattern for a long time.  It reminds me of the collection in my Grandparent's china cabinet that I would stare at from the time I was a little girl.  Roosters and cherry blossoms rimmed in gold!  What could be more exquisite?

Back to our Tobacco Leaf post, according to the Mottahedeh website, this one is a design whose style has been represented at least eleven different ways.  Produced in 18th century China, 'it is a profusion in 27 colors and high fire cobalt, accented with gold'.  Who, besides Carrie Bradshaw and me, wouldn't want to wear an outfit as bold and sophisticated as this plate?  Well now you can, because Chelsea's thrown together a little fancy...

For The Rugged Cool Man

Just a few chic gifts for your favorite rugged, cool man.  Yes, I want the antler chandelier lighting up every room in my (imagined) chalet in the woods, although one would look quite perfect in my Dad's cabin.  And, what man wouldn't love a bottle opener that tells him "Yes! You Earned It!"?  Only the happiest stocking stuffer ever.

Let The Shopping Begin!

This holiday season, I'm gonna hit you with the coolest stuff on the market.  I love, LOVE gift giving.  I love giving things I'd like to receive and things I think remind me of the recipient.  And when in doubt, giving dope gifts is always a winner.  How can you say no to any of those funsies up there?  Happy Shopping!  Gobble. Gobble.  Furbish Studio rocks!

Serena & Lily Sale

Serena & Lily just announced their Friends & Family event, and they're giving 20% off everything!  That's where I got the precious alligator shower curtain in my boys' bathroom. Here are a few of my favorite all things bright and beautiful Serena & Lily!  Shop the sale here through Tuesday, October 14th.

House Reveal: Hall/Boys' Bathroom

Last month I shared my inspiration board for a new hall bath design.  Because this bathroom is shared by our two boys, ages six and three, as well as any guests, I wanted to come up with a design that would be fun for the boys but still chic for everyone else. After a trip to my favorite interior design store in the entire U S of A, Furbish Studio, in Raleigh, NC, I was able to add some whimsical pops of color to the room which was originally planned to be Kelly green, white and navy, designed around the Serena & Lilly alligator shower curtain.  

The bathmat was a gift my mom graciously picked up in Georgetown, SC, and my talented, sweet mother-in-law painted the watercolor.  Reminiscent of our family sailing trip around the BVI, the picture depicts your back toward the Soggy Dollar Bar, birthplace of the deliciously refreshing Painkiller, looking out onto White Bay, Jost Van Dyke.  It's safe to say I'm happiest near blue green waters.

The capiz shell sconces I eagerly snagged from West Elm right after we moved into to the house. These are the closest I'm able to find, and I'm very excited to have just purchased the pendant shade version recently for our foyer.

The orange bikini girl is a print made by a long time family friend.  I wish she still produced them!

My girl, Jessica, painted the Beverly palm print, and the Turkish towels and cute little donkey are from Furbish Studio.  Those are my two friends (one real life friend anyway) in the picture taken at a very long ago Carolina Cup!  Good memories, they never fade, but I'm so glad we have this one documented on paper...

And last but certainly not least, those crazy fantastic crazy snake prints, also from Furbish Studio.  My new favorite is this donkey.

And there you have it, viola!  Until the next itch to change comes a creepin'...

Darius Rucker's Home Featured

Photos: Julia Lynn

As a lover of all things stylish, interior design is, behind fashion, my second favorite form for channeling my creative frustration. Domaine is one of my favorite websites these days for a peak into lifestyle's of the rich and famous' most gorgeous dwelling spaces. We ALL love Hootie and the Blowfish's front man turned country super star, Darius Rucker. This week Domaine featured Mr. and Mrs. Rucker's charming Charleston, SC home designed by one of my favorite interior designers, Charleston-based, Angie Hranowsky. With a penchant for creating spaces by way of a colorful palette, combined with her modernist style and incorporating a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces, Hranowsky's work lends a personal and collected vibe in the Ruckers' home. I love the welcoming nature created in the master bedroom with the use of two chairs and a small table at the end of the bed, and the soothing color palette incorporating splashes of pink,peach and purple is just exquisite. Check out the full story here.

My House Project In Print!

It has been such a fun opportunity to partner with Fort Mill Magazine, a gem of a publication, which happens to be about a little town just south of the border that is a big part of my heritage. When the owner said they were interested in featuring my completed Living Room and Dining Room Redesign in the Texture section of their newly revamped publication, I really couldn't believe it.  I still can't!  Go figure, yesterday when I was vacuuming in the dining room, I realized the foyer needed to be painted... a fantastically fabulous bright happy shade of plum!  My husband already found the paint cans in the corner of the room. Can you imagine his tone of surprise when he asked what room I am painting purple?! In all actuality, he handled it quite well. After all, we have the rest of our lives to live in beige, don't we?  You can check out the entire story here.  What do you think?  Is my love affair with bright over the top or just right?

Project Adkins Family Cabin

Perhaps you saw this post last Spring.  The pictures were taken at my Dad's cabin on our family farm.  I was really hoping they would catch the attention of my favorite print publication, Garden & Gun.  Maybe they'll be looking this time!  At any rate, I am really excited, because Dad and I are about to get started on a fun little addition to his cabin.  Currently, the cabin is what you see here, all 850 sq feet of it!  We are adding a new master bedroom, updating the downstairs bath, and I am getting five more feet in the kitchen!  I am so excited to have a project to work on, even if it is not me acquiring the new digs in my own home.  It is going to be so great.  My Dad is a simple man who does not need a lot of things.  This cabin is reflective on that philosophy, but what is there; the land, the large covered porches on front and back and that on the back which looks out onto the pond, is all oh so dreamy.  I look forward to it all, but the thing I look forward to most is the outdoor shower.  Is there anything better in the world?  Maybe an outdoor shower at Pawleys Island, but this is going to be an amazing second.  Below are a few inspiration photos for the new addition.

What do you think?  Do you love an outdoor shower as much as I do?  I can't wait for a BIG FAT white farm sink in the kitchen.  I also reclaimed a few items from my old apartment building recently torn down (TRAGEDY!) in Historic Dilworth, on the corner of Morehead and Kenilworth. I was able to grab the glass cabinet doors from my old kitchen, as well as crystal door knobs and the most amazing slatted door.  Check out my Pinterest board for more cabin inspiration. I would love hearing if you have any awesome one of a kind ideas for me and Dad!

Vignettes In My Living Room + Dining Room

Last week I excitedly shared my Living Room and Dining Room redesign with you, and so today I wanted to follow up with some photos of a few vignettes around the room.  Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments and complements.  Fashion and style are all such a personal matter of opinion and taste, and so regardless of you what your own personal style is, thank you for allowing me to share my latest design project with you!  Interior decorating is my second favorite form of channeling creative frustration, behind fashion, of course.  I am no trained expert, but one thing I do know how to do is have fun.  I think these two rooms are a reflection on my passion for having as much fun as possible with whatever it is I am doing in this life.  Hence the disco ball!  I LOVE to accessorize, and they do say it's all in the details, no?  With my attraction to so may different styles, it will be an accomplishment if this room makes it three years in its current design state!  Cheers y'all!


Just because I love fashion doesn't mean I am orderly about it.  Overall, I think I am an organized person, but the right brain side of me always seems to creep into the picture.  I guess that's what you called organized chaos.  In this month's Charlotte Parent Magazine,  I shared Four (unexpected) Ways To Treat Yourself This Mother's Day.  I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of them.  My husband and Precious Peanut #1 have been at ski school since Thursday, and while being with Precious Peanut #2 for four days with zero break is utterly exhausting (holla if you hear me), I always seem to get so much more done around the house when there's only one.  I'm going to take a quick moment just to say that after taking my creative frustration out on our yard and patio, I think it is now borderline Charleston Gardens material. My closets have made some notable progress as well, thanks to the mad organization skills of Simplicity Professional Organizers.

Here is the BEFORE...

My Closet Before Simplicity Entered My Life

My Closet Before Simplicity Entered My Life

And now, here is the DURING, then the BEFORE again and the AFTER...

Here's the thing.  Could I do this on my own?  Yes.  Do I have the time, energy or interest?  The time, no, but you make time for something that is important.  Energy or interest?  H E double hockey sticks to the NO.  With all the hats I wear, just taking the time to figure out where to start with a project like this was daunting.  Simplicity came in, and BOOM.  They told me exactly what I needed to do and what tools were needed to fix the problem. Some of the biggest changes you will see are the coordinating hangers, the amazing clear shoe boxes, my husband's new shoe rack, the band for my baseball caps and the biggest thing... Jon was given the task of literally raising the bar.  Did you see how bad that clothing bar was bowing?!  Bravo!

If I never get that extra bedroom turned into a closet all for myself in this house, I'm gonna make the best out of what I have.  I still want to paint the interior and change the lighting and perhaps throw down a little rug for color.  Having professionals like Simplicity come into your home is an indulgence, but it is worth every last penny.  I know for a fact ain't no mama out there going to argue with me that this one is better than........ a pedicure!  Get the 411 on Simplicity here.

Color Blocking In Style

It's EVERYBODY everywear time again!  Many of you have been complimentary of the photos on the Queen City Style and have asked who is taking them.  That would be most wonderful man in the world.  I have a photography crew consisting of the aforementioned Captain, Precious Peanut #1 and Precious Peanut #2.  When taking the pictures, I try to think of wide open spaces with sidewalks or paths.  PP #1 takes his scooter, and PP #2 is strapped into a stroller full of snacks to help him through the agony.  I gave most wonderful man in the world this moniker for a reason.  He is not perfect, though at times I half jokingly explain that it's not easy being married to Mr. Perfect.  Honey, I know this is embarrassing, but I just want to share who the wonderful, patient and kind man behind the camera is.  Due to my photographer's absence I was not able to get together a fresh outfit for this month's EBEW theme: Color Blocking.  As I'm pretty obsessed with color, many of my posts already incorporate color blocking.  So, here is a little montage I put together.

Click on the link below the image to view the original post.

Birthday Night Out

Even my living room is color blocked!

Living Room Reveal

So, I was absolutely thrilled to learn I was mentioned in the August issue of my Style Bible, In Style Magazine.  Seriously, I have been subscribing since I was 18 years old.  I remembered loving how they styled a Polka-Dot Skirt in three different ways. Shortly thereafter, the skirt I'm wearing (now ON SALE here) below showed up in the window of my favorite retailer, J. Crew.  I had to have it.  Then, I was inspired by a fellow fashion blogger, Kimberly Smith of Penny Pincher Fashion, to submit my own Inspired by InStyle look. I could have sworn I recognized Kimberly in the June issue, and sure enough it was her!  Thank you to In Style for deeming me fashionable enough to be included in your pages, to my mom and best friend for the J. Crew Birthday Gift Card which got me this awesome skirt, to my awesome friends over at J. Crew South Park and to most wonderful man in the world for taking such great photos.  Honestly, what inspires me the most is each of you reading this.  Thank you for your support and the sheer joy you bring me!

For the love of great style filled with color and joy!


Color Blocking | Everybody, Everywear

Room To Outfit Interpretation with Margaret Fisher Interiors

Greetings!  I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's post featuring the lovely and talented Margaret Fisher and her wonderful interiors.  I have admired my friend's designs for some time now, and I was super excited to share her work with you.  I'm also as happy as a clam (where in the world was this expression derived?) to have figured out such a fun way to keep fabulous home design relevant on the Queen City Style as I have transitioned my little hobby into primarily a fashion blog.  It is such a joy to share with you my passion, and I truly hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do.  Admiring so many of the rooms Margaret has designed, I had a hard time choosing which one to use for my room to outfit interpretation, so I let Margaret decide...

As a disclaimer, this room was pretty challenging for me to channel in an ensemble.  Initially, my thought was this will be great!  All these fun colors that I love so much! Well, I quickly realized a room this size boasts a lot of color, texture and pattern for a much smaller space with which to work!  All that said, working with a bridesmaid dress 3 1/2 weeks post precious peanut #1, a borrowed madras from me mama and various other pieces pulled from the overflow closet, I'm feeling pretty proud most of the elements in the room somehow worked their way onto my body...


How'd I do?  I have so much fun with these little room to outfit interpretations.  If you have a favorite designer or room you would like to see me interpret, please let me know!  I would love to hear from you! 

Green Dress: Bridesmaid Dress (old), Brown Top: BCBG dress (old), Madras Shirt: J. Crew, Belt: Raina, here's one I love, Pashmina: from Belk (old), Bracelets: Green- my Great Grandmother's, Brown buckle (old), Wooden: from The Jewel Box, Red: vintage Bakelite thanks to summerbird, Blue link bracelet from ivy & leo, but here's one I'm obsessing, Earrings: old, Red Sash: My Grandmother's, Blue Scarf: H&M, here's one, Sunglasses: Blinde, also here's a less expensive similar pair, Shoes: Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan from Step by Sloan.

For the love of collaborating in great style,

I appreciate you so much for reading!  Whitley

Margaret Fisher Interiors and a Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner!

Hello dear friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and I hope all the Dads had a terrific Father's Day!  Most wonderful man in the world and I took it to Birdsong Brewing Co., NoDa Brewing Company  and World of Beer for a totally chill, Father's Day style, night out on the town.  It was so fun not to have reservations.  Just to get dressed and go.  Go drink some awesome craft beers, that is.  More on this to come!  

As you may remember, I recently joined forces with The Aestate to put together this little room to outfit interpretation.  I had so much fun doing this, and I am so excited that I have discovered what I feel is such an exciting way to incorporate fabulous home design on the Queen City Style.  I hope you will enjoy this new series showcasing some fabulous designers of the Queen City, as well as some other interior design blogs I love.  I am thrilled today to present to you the beautiful and fresh designs of Margaret Fisher Interiors, starting with this oh-so-delicious living room, in which I'd feel right at home.

WH: Margaret, I am so thrilled to have your here today!  First off, I really love your work.  I feel as though a good bit is on the traditional side, but then there some of those more traditional spaces that showcase funky elements and bright pops of color.  How would you describe your design style?

MF:  My style?  That's hard.  Perhaps what a good friend has said as quoted on my About page... southern design with a contemporary twist!

WH: How did you decide to pursue design, and are there any individuals who have made an impact on your career as a designer? 

MF: I actually fell into the industry.  My first job out of college way at ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center).  I got experience working on the inside of the design world, then I moved to retail, then to being a design assistant, and then I went out on my own.  All of those stages were helpful in getting me to where I am  today.  The most influential people are (Charlotte designers) Nancy Hollingsworth and Holly Phillips.  

WH: Any designers you admire most, and why?

MF: To name a few... Bunny Williams, Miles Redd, Katie Ridder and Kelly Wearstler.  They all have the ability to create the perfect juxtaposition of elements, each in a unique way.  Some are more daring than others, but all are elegant and stylish and beautiful.

WH: Where do you like to go in the Queen City to see great style?  This can be restaurants, parks, stores, museums, etc.  In other words, what are the most stylish places to you in the Queen City?

MF: Some I visit much more than others, but all highly respectable: Luxe, Circa, Slate Interiors, Decade, The Mint Museum, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Capitol, Shain Gallery, Hidell Brooks Gallery, Darnell & Company, Rococo.  I know I am forgetting others!

WH: Is there any one project you've completed that stands out as a favorite, and if so, why?

MF: I don't know that I can pick one favorite.  Foxcroft  (below) would definitely be in the running though.  Like my other favorites, it is because the clients are so wonderful.  When I get to work with someone who is comfortable showing me the way they live and trusts me to bring our joint ideas to fruition, things always turn out well, and the whole process is fun! This may sound silly, but gracious clients lead to a gracious home. 

WH: I've narrowed down my room to outfit choices and am asking you to pick 'the one' for me.  Why have you picked the one you did (above)?

MF: Ah, I am being overly picky and critical of the shots, but I choose the below image in Foxcroft 1, because that room is the most complete.  The client already had some great pieces to work with, and we got to add a lot. I also chose it, because I am most curious of what the room to outfit interpretation will be!


I hope you've enjoyed today's Q&A with the lovely and talented Margaret Fisher!  I can't wait to show you my room to ensemble interpretation tomorrow for the above room.  For more information on Margaret Fisher Interiors, please visit her website, and check out Margaret's blog too! Lastly, we have a winner for the Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Congratulations Kristin Williamson!

Please email me with your mailing address:

Thank you EVERYONE for entering, and I hope you will stay tuned for more exciting giveaways on the horizon!

For the love of stylish, fresh interior design with a twist, 

Have a great day!  Whitley

Living Room Reveal

 For those of you who have been keeping up with me and my DIY projects, you know most wonderful man in the world and I tackled our most labor-intensive project to date when we turned this hutch into a bar.  The below image is not how the bar is styled at present, but I wanted to share it with you one more time as an intro to my living room reveal.

See Hutch to Bar transformation HERE. Below is an image of the living room with just a few pieces. This includes a sofa my friend, decorator Lauren Thompson, so bravely recommended I choose, as well as a coffee table I knew right away I had to have.  Both are from the Hickory Furniture Mart. The table is a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams score.

I won't show you a play by play of the transformation, but I am so excited with the results, and I have finally arrived at what I consider to be a satisfactory attempt to channel my obsession with bright, happy color!

Everything in the room was either consigned or purchased at a discount retailer or is an inheritance piece or made by moi. I do think there is room for improvement. I still need curtains on the windows. A few things could stand to be tweaked. There's always room for tweaking, but I am very proud of my work - on a dime no less!

The mirrors are also a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams find. The yellow plate, a wedding gift, is Vietri. Pillows are from Home Goods, World Market and West Elm. Lamp bases and shades are also from World Market.

Either end table... As my precious pal Nate Berkus recommends, it's nice to have a little live something in every room. Succulents are an interesting choice of greenery and low-maintenance.

I love the nail head trim on the sofa.  Make that, I love the sofa. Lauren, you are brave, but you are fun... One of my favorite things about your sense of design!

By the way, if you are interested in a getting your own taste of Lauren's sweet style infusion, email here at:

A few images of my coffee table styling. This changes slightly, perhaps on a weekly basis, but there is always an evident display of my appreciation for an ultimate modern day risk-taker, designer Kelly Wearstler.

My prized matchbook collection primarily includes memorabilia from my college years in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, as well as from my immediate post-college years in NYC. Such a conversation piece this bowl is. (Not to mention a sensual simulator for the hands of my one year old!)

This mirrored side table I love so much is from West Elm.

There's nothing like fresh flowers for a little happy.

This occasional chair is a prized piece that belonged to my Great-Grandmother.  When my mother renovated her house, the space where the chair was situated became no more. She kindly passed it on to me for use, though I know reading this she'd like to have it back. 

Thank you, Mom!!

Hanging above the chair is a framed copy of a proud moment, my Lucky Magazine article, given to me by a dear and treasured friend.

The opposite corner houses a chair that was loaned or given to me (I'm still not quite sure which), by another close friend. Most wonderful man in the world and I recently covered the chair in a coordinating plum velvet fabric.

The chair serves as home to a handful of magazines from my overflowing 

collection, in addition to one of my most treasured pals, "The Thinker."

There's Kelly again, rockin' a pretty bad ass ensemble.

One last shot of the room looking in from the foyer. If you are eyeing the wee back, that's the not yet complete dining room.

And since the two rooms are joined, it is nice to be (at least temporarily) satisfied with the entrance as well. I recently scored this indoor/outdoor rug at World Market for $19.99.

For a little added flair, I flanked the step down entrance to the living room with these brown velvet curtains, also from World Market.

All in all, I'm feeling rather quite pleased with my new living room. So is my friend here.

Is that a bowl of matches atop a mirrored, cubed coffee table? Actually, I think it is cigarettes! WOW. Is nothing new? I've featured that ridiculously fabulous bar in the background, belonging to fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Tell me about that dress she is wearing. Are you kidding me?  How can that be mine? Just know that if you are guest in our home for cocktails, like my gal pal here... you may make yourself right at home. I hope you will.

For the love of bright, happy stylish style for living... Whitley