Step MOB Attire

Today's post is a grouping of dresses I have sourced for a very special client who is looking for a dress for her step-daughter's wedding.  The wedding will be held at a sweet and lovely farm here in Charlotte, NC. Looking at the location website, I envision understated elegance.

Since my client is not the mother of the bride, but her role is obviously of high importance on this special day, I've searched for dresses that will be a fit to her playful, beautiful and sweet spirit.  My client has the most gorgeous head of thick long blonde hair and gams to match.  We want to be more conservative up top, so I have kept this in mind with the neckline of the dresses chosen.  I am stickler for etiquette, so where the dress does not cover the shoulders, I will suggest a caplet or pashmina and brooch type of situation for the ceremony.  

Most of these dresses are short as you will see.  That's because we want to accentuate the best parts of our body, always in a tasteful manner.  My own mother wore a short bright lavender dress with a matching jacket for our wedding.  It was perfect. Such a sophisticated look that was perfect for her.  Mom loves to boogie and she's got the stems for it.  As you can see, she starts out sophisticated MOB then moves to Boogie Woogie MOB as we dance away the night...

My message when dressing for a special occasion is to always er on the side of conservative.  Stay within respectable parameters for proper etiquette for the occasion, and beyond that, do YOU.  If you can't see all the gorgeous dresses below, click HERE

Warm Coats On Sale

Baby it's cold outside!  Yesterday the winter temps finally arrived in Charlotte, and boy oh boy am I glad I've got my Carolina Blue Fox Fur from Douglas Hertzberg Montaldo's Furs to keep me warm!  I wear it as Mystery Reader at my son's school, to the grocer with cowgirl boots and with my running tights and sneaks to the Y.  Got to stay warm people!  On that note, now that the holiday shopping has come and gone, here's some fantastic finds on sale to keep you warm all winter long.  Click HERE if you are unable to view in your browser...

Street Style: SouthEnd

ModelChelsea LewisPhotographerZach AlstonHair/MakeupChelsea Kimrey. Black Sheep Skate Shop.
Indie Ella Kimono, Keepsake Playsuit, Jan Michaels Brass Flower Pin from ChezElle, Koolabura Fringe Booties from Sloan, Mere Jewelry Earrings from KK Bloom, Cleo Cuff c/o eb jewelry studio, Cross Necklace c/o Boho Beads, Addison Weeks Pink Opal Bendall Cuff

Hi Everyone!  I'm back with another outfit from SouthPark Magazine's Fall Fashion issue.  This might be my favorite of the collection.  I think it isn't any one specific element but every aspect combined.  The outfit, Chelsea's look at the lens, her natural hair, and most of all, the skateboarders cruising by and candidly jumping into the shot with a "supermodel" one by one... Zach just kept snapping, and voila!  Picture perfect.  

I can't believe it, but I have been absent for almost a month!  I was at a brewery run one night a couple of weeks ago and someone asked me, "are you still writing on the blog?"  It made me feel so good to know the Queen City Style was missed!  Times flies when you're... busy. Not a day goes by I don't think about the Queen City Style and what an important part of my life this blog has served, so thank you for being here.  


I am very excited to share with you the launch of my friend, Emily's, new digital magazine and website, noteworthy.  As the title states, Emily is sharing a little bit about a lot of things stylish, only which however, she views as "noteworthy."  I'm tickled she asked me to be a part of her launch!  I sat down with Emily to give her my two cents on one of the season's hottest trends, the flare denim jean.  I appreciate Emily speaking accurately on my behalf in that, while I do love the flare jean, a trend is personal and should never be forced.  Without further adieu, if you've had those bell bottom blues since the last (not so) fair attempt with boot cut jeans in the late 1990's, I'm excited to share with you my top picks for this season.  See the entire list and more over at noteworthy...

What I Wear Every Day + Free Shipping Code

If I'm not the only fashion blog you follow, one thing you know about me is I love anything and everything that no one else has.  Another thing I think most others do want, however, is to be comfortable while looking good. Enter La Senorita Jolie.  If there was ever a call for every day clothes that feel like pj's for the stylish and put together, it's La Senorita Jolie. This IS a sponsored post, but I am only sharing my secret with you, because I feel 100% passionate about the product.  I wear their tees, sexy sweatshirt and maxi dresses all summer long.  I wear them on set when I am styling commercial shoots and all the time when I am with my children. Today was Fall Parish Day, which is one of two casual days at our church, and I found my new tie dye maxi and black cotton shawl perfectly suitable for the occasion.

If you're interested in hopping on the LSJ train, you can shop all their looks here.  If you're interested in REALLY hopping on the train, you might want to consider completing an application to work as an LSJ stylist. The clothing is easy to layer, understated and affordable. The product is available in sizes XS-4XL, so it's a product for REAL women.  Interested in learning more?  Check it out here, and if you order anything for yourself, be sure to use the Free Shipping Code: KMJBHC.

My Week Behind The Scenes

I am coming off of one crazy busy work weekend.  As you may recall from a previous post, this weekend I was a presenter at the Southern Women's Show.  I shared my tips for Fall and Winter Teacher Style on a budget that will not break the bank.  A HUGE shout out to my lovely assistant, Phanta.  I would have been in over my head in preparations without her.  Thursday afternoon and evening was a full one of creating outfits for the upcoming weekend's eight outfit changes for 12 models.  Thank you Phanta and Prosecco.

Earlier in the day I took an almost four hour bicycle adventure with Wild Nugget Worth over to Park Road Shopping Center, onto the Greenway, through Freedom Park, UP East Boulevard to Carolina Smoothie, back down East Blvd to the playground at Freedom Park and back on the Greenway through Park Road Shopping Center back home to meet Phanta, as well as a client, to give her this cool Free People jacket in time for Fall.

Back to that bike ride.... Most of our tours start with a visit at Black Hawk Hardware for some popcorn.  Like all the rest, this one did too.  Almost always, Willie is outside helping a customer, and we stop to say hello. I was trailing Worth, and as he approached Willie he put on his breaks.  With little reaction time, so did I.  And then I Super Womaned it over the handlebars, arms out wide flat on the concrete.  No idea how I was saved from a face brake... it must have been the Southern Women's Show Angels... I managed to make it out with only a handful of major bruises and a sore neck.  Willie came to our rescue with popcorn and a water for me and Sprite for Worth.  Needless to say, our next stop was to the bike shop for a new helmet for me.

Friday morning, clad in my DVF Supa Star Wrap dress, I loaded up my trusty rolling rack, and I was off to the show.  Thanks again to Phanta, to all the models, Marcia, The Southern Women's Show, The Charlotte Observer and everyone else involved.  We had a great first day.  If you missed it but want to know my top Teacher Fashion pics, do not dismay!  Pick up this Sunday's paper, where you'll find it all in the Style section. 

Bright and early Saturday morning I was off to High Point for a quick shoot with my friends at Julie Lopez Shoes.  We always have a great time on set, and I got to work with two of my favorite hotties, Jillian and Amy.

I've told you about them before, but if you haven't checked out Julie's shoes and you are on the market for a good looking, comfortable, Italian-made luxury shoe at a less than luxury shoe price, take a look. I LOVE my Layla nude python pump.  By noon, I was back down I-85 to Charlotte for another round of Teacher Style dialogue with the adorable Cristina Bolling, staff writer for The Charlotte Observer, followed by an IMMEDIATE crash in my bed before two more rounds on Sunday.

I hope YOU had a wonderful weekend.  One last thing, if you are over at Southpark Mall, be sure to grab the September Fall Fashion issue where we captured some pretty fantastic street style looks covering nine Charlotte neighborhoods.  Thanks to SouthPark Magazine for putting their trust in me.  One of my absolute most favorite projects to date!

Lizzie Fortunato

I promised to tell you more about the designers I met at Poole Shop's annual Back To School event.  In my last post I shared gorgeous designs by NOVIS.  Equally fantastic are the jewelry and handbag designs of Lizzie Fortunato.  This team is comprised of adorable twins Elizabeth and Kathryn Fortunato.  They did go to Duke, but that is the only cross thing I can say about these otherwise absolutely delightful, adorable and talented young sisters.  See... 

I believe it was at Poole Shop that I first saw Lizzie Fortunato jewels in person.  I remember their collections consisted a lot of these unique leather, suede or fabric tube necklaces with brass detailing.

They have expanded their designs and collections, including handbags, all the while producing an intriguing, as ever, current product. Here are a few favorites I found while perusing the internet.  Many have tried to emulate the eye catching designs of Lizzie Fortunato, but there is only one OG.

Alice + Olivia On Sale!

One of my very favorite modern day designers is Stacey Bendet, CEO and Creative Director the fashion house of Alice and Olivia.  The global brand launched at Barneys in 2001 and is currently sold in over fifty countries. In the Queen City, you can shop Alice and Olivia at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.  I adore this three piece suit of shorts, top and jacket I used in one of the looks in the May issue of SouthPark Magazine.

Shop my favorite current Alice + Olivia items below on Sale up to 75% Off!  Now is the time to do it ladies, because these are the best prices you'll ever see for these one of a kind pieces, and once their gone, their gone! 

Work Bags For Every Budget

I do love a great work tote.  Lately, after purchasing my very own in the footsteps of several clients, I am loving Loeffler Randall's Medium Rider Bag style most of all. The tan or black version is timeless classic, but every season, they put out great styles to add a twist of fun to your wardrobe.  Shop some of my favorites below by clicking on the image.  If you are viewing in your reader and can't see the book of images, click on the Blog Post Title. 

Julie Lopez Shoes

I'm way over due sharing my excitement for this wonderful high fashion comfortable shoe handcrafted in the heart of Tuscany.  I was drafted to work with Julie Lopez Shoes to style their Spring and Summer catalog, and I fell in love with everything about the company... the shoes, the comfort, the fantastic mother daughter power duo running the company.  Check out all of their styles here, including my personal favorite, Layla.

Airport Style: Audrey Hepburn

I'm back with another Airport Style feature for my friends over at Peachy the Magazine.  This time I decided to take a look back to some great style setters of the 60's and 70's.  This first of three examples of great airport style is inspired by the quintessential lady-like lady, Audrey Hepburn.  Just click on the + to shop the look!

Your Head Looks Weird

If you live in the Charlotte area, next time you are at SouthPark Mall or in the area, be sure to snag a copy of SouthPark Magazine.  I very worked hard on this one, along with an amazing team of individuals, businesses and boutiques, and I am flattered, humbled and excited to be a part the May issue.  The below picture is one in the series of images where I get to show off some really amazing clothes from a few of my favorite local boutiques.  My oldest son, Hank, now 7, saw the below image come up on my facebook page.  I couldn't help but chuckle at his reaction to seeing me dressed up like this.  (Let's be honest, I am a working mom of two active boys, the only time I look like this is for a photo shoot.  The next closest I come is on Sunday for church, date night or when I am meeting clients, but it is a loooong way off from this.

Hank: Mommy, is that you?
Me: (Excitedly) Yes!  What do you think? 
Hank: I don't get it.  it's weird.  Your head looks weird.  You look like you are someone else.
Me: Okay, well, does the rest of my body look like me?
Hank: Yea.
Me: Well, then do you at least like my outfit?
Hank: Why would I like it?!  I'm not a girl! (Runs upstairs to yell at little brother Worth for singing Let It Go again).

Ahh.  The honesty of a child.

Photography: Zach Alston. Hair and Makeup: Deme Fourtounis. Jumpsuit: Yoana Baraschi (from ChezElle), here in black. Kimono: Tracy Reese (from ChezElle), and here. Wedges: Jimmy Choo (from Coplon's) or here. Earrings: Kenneth J Lane (from Coplon's), similar here. Ring: Available at ChezElleNecklaceby boe.

The SoGood Feature

Thank you to The SoGood for the very kind and most generous article.  If you are not already linked in to The SoGood, it is an amazing one of a kind, trend setting network of artists, makers and entrepreneurs, in some of America's coolest cities, all working to serve the same purpose: to make life SoGood.  In the article I share some quick and dirty fashion advice for the new mom, the first date and more, as well as my Top Recommendations in Charlotte.  See it here.


For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may already know about it, but I want to introduce you to an exciting website called Just in case you aren't already familiar, is a fantastic and convenient way that you can easily shop my Instagram photos (along with all of your other favorite bloggers). Once you sign up on with your e-mail, whenever you like one of my photos tagged with @liketkit you will receive an e-mail detailing my outfit or design collage for that photo! My favorite part about the service is that you can choose to receive e-mails ASAP, daily, or monthly and then conveniently shop right from your inbox. It’s that simple! It is the best way to simply like a photo and get the details you want as opposed to commenting and getting lost in the sea of others asking the same thing. It’s always nice to have quick access to easy information, so I hope that you enjoy using as much as I do!  Happy Shopping!

Hangin' With Ninja


I already told you here how much I love my business manager, friend, runner extraordinnaire, beyond creative cool home girl Harriet.  She's moving back to her native land, England, at the end of March, and I am sadly counting down the days.  On the awesome side, however, the Queen City Style will be gaining a correspondent in the queen's country! And, as much as we love Harriet, we love her little dog too.  Ninja is a superstar.  The girl has run marathons. Twenty seven miles with Harriet on her twenty seventh birthday, to be exact.  Follow all of Ninja's happenings on her facebook page.  Everyone's doing it.  PS-That's our sweet Macy girl.  Did you ever see a prettier 12 year old?

Hope you enjoy these dog days of winter.  Springtime is almost here!!