Olivia Palermo + Charlotte Style Icons

This girl kills it. Every. Single. Time.  Olivia Palermo and your style, be still my beating heart.  Since my Grandmother, she may be the only one I have so admired. Honestly, at times, and I say this with total poise and confidence and without fear or hesitation (because I realize the bold nature of this statement), I truly feel she is one of the few I feel who gets it like I do.  Except for maybe Blair Eadie.  And, if you are here in Charlotte, Chezelle Boutique owner, Lauren. Girl is a trend setter.  The incomparable Alex Holleman and Interior Design one of a kind, Barrie Benson. None of this copy cat head to toe preppy prissy stuff.  Straight up original, craft, strength, talent.  

One thing I do want to point out is that money CAN buy you amazing garments that not only ARE but aldo look and feel rich.  We cannot all dress this way, but that does not mean it cannot be achieved.  I would like to think I am an example of this.  More on that later... Below are a few of Olivia's recent shots for Cosmopolitan Magazine. And, yes, I have already reached out to Zach to shoot me as close to this as possible.  I have an email into said person to borrow house for location, and I hope the stores will see it their worthwhile to lend me their most magnifique clothes and accouterments!

Weekly Inspiration: Bachelorette Party In Miami





Today's Weekly Inspiration comes to you via this awesome girl I am so looking forward to celebrating in Miami.  Nic is the first person I "met" when I started writing the Queen City Style.  A South Carolina girl living in San Fran, Nic's style aesthetic is about as cool as it comes.  Check her out here, and for the record, I do want everything on this inspiration board.  

Lupita Nyong'o In Prada




I spent Sunday afternoon at a photo shoot, then dinner with the family, then bath and bedtime routine and well, at the end of a full weekend with my Precious Peanuts, AKA Thunder Foot and Little Thunder Foot, it was all I could do to fall into bed.  That didn't keep me the next morning, however, from taking in all of the fantastic fashion from one of the most stylish nights in Hollywood.  Who was on your Best Dressed List at this years Oscars?  Lupita Nyong'o is one girl who's been tearing up headlines not only for her powerful role as supporting actress in 12 Years a Slave but also for her simple yet equally dynamic choices in dress this award season.  With her smooth dark skin, well toned arms and sweet smile, I have loved all of Lupita's choices in opting for solid colors and clean lines.  This pleated Prada number she wore to the Oscars reminds me of the thin cafe curtains at The Seaview Inn in Pawleys Island, looking over the marsh at sunset, flowing in the warm summer's gentle breeze.  Anyone else ready for summer?


Women's Most Wanted at Belk


This is what spring is shaping up to look like at Belk.  You all know I love me some Modern. Southern. Style.  In particular, it is coming in the shape of those chunky tortoise heel shoes and that perfect little black sheath.  All items will be available at Belk spring 2014, but you can shop Michael Kors' newest shoe arrivals here, as well as that perfect black and white handbag. Stay tuned for the men's review next week!

Bring on Spring!


Weekly Inspiration: Magnolia Coffee



Charlotte's Magnolia Coffee, the Queen City's only boutique roaster, is the oh so tasty influence for today's Weekly Inspiration.  I've had some of Jay's coffee at Reid's, Amelie's and Mugs Coffee, without knowing it, and dang this is some good coffee.  You know there's more joy to be had when sharing it with others, so if you're in the Queen City, make sure you have a cup. In the meantime, this earthy outdoorsy outfit interpretation is brought to you by my tastebuds.  Yum.


Happy Weekend Y'all!


Valentine's Day Wish List At Belk



Y'all know how much I love me some Modern. Southern. Style.  So much so that today's Weekly Inspiration comes in the form of my Valetine's Day Wish List from Belk.  Here are a few things I need, want and love or just flat out day dream of having.  I'm kind of letting a secret out of the bag with this one. I've been wearing the same perfume since I was 15 years old when I first caught a wiff of it via a best friend's vanity. Compared to the millions of other options on the market, two things about this one work for me; it costs next to nothing, and it works.  Kind of it Katy Perry Dark Horse works.  I've been carrying my Coach Classics Leather Stewardess hand me down for 15 years.  It's a durable and classic bag well crafted of understated quality.  I think my boys would look precious in these matching hoodies, and can you belive I don't have fighting Aries jewels to adorn me?  Several of the items I've featured are on sale.  Gotta love a Belk sale. What better reason to go gifting and getting!

Happy shopping darlins!