Airport Style: Natalie Wood

Today's Airport Style post for Peachy the Magazine is inspired by the doe-eyed darling, Natalie Wood.  The Rebel Without a Cause and West Side Story actress is someone who made a seemingly effortless transition in her style of dress from lady like to 60's chic in the wink of an eye.  I adore her laid back bohemian look below pictured.  Click on the + to shop the look, and if you can't see the photo in your reader, please click on the title to be directed to the post.

Spring Cleaning Tips and Trends With Goodwill Industries

I'm back with another update for my wonderful partnership with Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont!  Today I'm sharing some Spring Cleaning Tips and Trends. Click here to read the entire post over on Goodwill's WOW! blog.

I did a little shopping earlier this week in preparation for my tv segment on Wilson's World, bright and early Monday morning.  Be sure to tune in to see all of the amazing items I found, including these groovy duds that totally reflect the bohemian trend, as well this pair of fantastic brass herons.  We had these same birds at my house growing up, handed down from my Grandparents!  I think they hit the donation bin when we moved out of my house in Asheville. I'm so glad to have this most stylish pair of birds back in my life again!

Okay, if you're up at the crack of down Monday morning, please be sure join me at 6 a.m. on Wilson's World!

Airport Style

Did you catch my Taste Maker piece over at Peachy?  Two words.  Airport Style.  This day in age, it's T totally under-rated and under- appreciated.  Airport travel has gotten less pleasurable with each flight, and we want to be comfortable as the aisles and seats continue to shrink.  This doesn't mean we can't continue to put our best foot forward.  Jennifer, Black and Kate are three ladies who encompass fashionable airport style.  They are dressed relatively casual, but they key is that they are put together. 

My ever style-setting grandmother, Martha Whitley, was and is my forever style icon. From a very early age, she instilled the importance of putting your best forward forward at all times. Putting the time into your personal appearance sends a message not only reflective of the confidence you have in yourself but also the respect you have for others. I saw Nana display this penchant for confident style later in life when the mailman was perhaps the only person she would see that day and earlier in her life when she would travel. She made it seem this was perhaps THE most imperative time to make a best impression with your appearance. The airport may be the first, last and only time you saw a fellow passenger or new friend, but your finest impression would be lasting.

Mad For Plaid

The above tartan plaid Pendleton coat that belonged to my Grandmother is one of my favorites.  It is so well made, cozy and totally showstopper chic.  From plaid pants to coats, blankets and even a flask for him, this plaid remix has got you totally covered during the winter months!

Ahead From The North

Photos: Ellie Lacey and on Instagram

Skirt: Mossimo Supply Co., Vest: Ralph Lauren, Shoes: thanks to Julie Lopez Shoes, Sunglasses: Blinde (similar), Earrings: thanks to Geoflora, Black Ring: Melinda MariaBracelets: Calf Hair, Geometric Cross Cuff thanks to Blydesign, Necklace: Jan Michaels

As you know, it's been a long, long time since I've hit the streets of Charlotte in search of the next coolest place for pictures here on the blog.  I ran into my precious cousin Ellie a couple of weeks ago while having coffee at 7th Street Public Market.  Can I just say I love family?  On my father's side my Grandmother was the youngest of 11, so as I'm sure you can image, there are a whole ton of them.  I was so excited when Ellie asked if we could take some photos.  I'm always up for an adventure, so when she suggested a spot North of the city that boasted amazing views of the skyline, I said let's do it! This expansive piece of pavement soon to be light rail served as a fun location for several photos to come.  It's a good thing we captured it when we did, because like most every other remaining piece of undeveloped land in the QC, as we look ahead, it is only a matter of time before it will be no more.

What The Hell Is A Pork Lawn?

Photography by: Joseph Bradley Photography.  Wardrobe c/o: Taylor, Richards & Conger, Banana Republic.

Styling Darin McEntee was easy an the eyes.  What more is there to say?  Oh, well he did give me a replay of the most hysterical episode of Family Fued of all time, and I almost peed in my pants in his passenger seat.  Whether you like pork or don't care for it, you NEED this for your hump day.  

Hat Obsessed

Yes, I'm totally and completely hat obsessed, and now that it's that whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Whatever It Takes To Get Consumers Spending time of year, so everything is marked way down so you will buy, I am thinking about putting my money where my eyes are.  Adding a piece of Eugenia Kim perfection to your accessory repertoire is like having a purse with double C's, or anything that comes from a little robin's egg blue box tied with white satin ribbon, or a tan trench with black, maroon and cream plaid lining the inside, or nude pumps with a shiny red bottom.  I'm sure you get it, and I really want it. This Eugenia Kim piece of perfection to keep me warm all winter long that is.  There are many others to be had too.  Shop above a few of my favorites.

Behind The Scenes Fav For The Ladies

In preparation for an upcoming photo shoot on Thursday, I came across one of my favorite Behind The Scenes videos.  It is one of my favorites for many reasons, but if you are female (or not), there's likely really no guess work.  Happy play and rewinding. Click and watch.

Killer Dresses Right Now

So yes, I have a thing for dresses. A  major thing, and I've had it since high school. I have been collecting cocktail dresses for longer than I remember.  Even if there was no occasion.  Literally, I have dresses with tags on them since high school.  As a wardrobe stylist, I would tell you to purge 'em... unless they are just works of are that are that cool.  OR unless you write a fashion blog and you think there might come a day you will use it if for no other reason than to play dress up and get your picture taken, acting like you didn't actually know you were having your picture taken, but you did.  Because you write a blog.  If you do, you know.  Look, I've been playing dress up since I plopped from my mother's womb, and I don't think I will ever stop.  Consider this an invitation to in-box me if you want to pop a cork on the bubbly, turn the tunes way up high and join the twirling fantasy.  The only question is: Which dress shall we wear when we do?    


It's been three years since I launched this little place in internet space.  I can't believe it's been three years!  It's been so fun growing, learning, all the challenges, all of the fun, the amazing, awesome people I meet. The creative opportunities, my BUSINESS which has grown out of this little place in internet space.  Never did I think a private hobby would grow to be my dreams coming true.  Literally!  This whole fashion/style obsession started for me as a teeny thing, and now I have finally found a way to make my passion into something REAL!  I don't think I will ever be able to fully convey the joy I have felt, as a result.  Every. Step. Of. The. Way.  And new even more exciting things are yet to come.  Thank you to everyone who has commented here, not commented but enjoyed reading, reached across the produce aisle to introduce do themselves to me or flung themselves into a late night introductory embrace at Selwyn Pub. Meeting readers is the coolest thing... until that person says "Whoa Crazy Nelly. We just met. You can stop hugging me now!"  That's really the only way I know how to be though.  Grateful. Happy. Overjoyed. Thanks for being here.  Whether you've been following along the journey for the last three years, or you stumbled upon the Queen City Style yesterday, thanks for being here.  A few favorites from over the years...

You Can Leave Your Vest On

I have been shopping for fur vests for the last week for two clients, and as a result of my determination to uncover every last viable option, considering quality and price, I can with an insurmountable level of confidence, unequivocally, I am the authority on the current vest market, at least as it pertains to my own personal taste!  But truly, if you love a good vest as much as I do, I hope you enjoy my round up of all things vest from everyday casual to wanna be duck hunter to fancy night out on the town!

Some more outfit inspiration for you!

Zumba Couture

Cousin Holly is back with another session of Fit + Fab, Zumba Style!  I've been really looking forward Zumba classes at the Y as a great way to take a break from running and do a little fanny shake cross training.  I love the clothes Holly is wearing this time.  Take it away Holly!

This hole front tank top in Grey and Black is simple but so cute!  Just a little peek a boo to reveal a small amount of sexy, and with just a tiny Zumba logo on on the bottom corner, this simple top makes for great street wear too. I've paired it with these great capri pants that come just below the knee and have an elastic back to cuff the bottom. The top has a wide elastic band that makes them fit perfect. I could seriously wear these sweatpants everyday!

This sweatshirt is the most comfy sweatshirt I have ever owned! It is solid grey with the same peek a boo hole like the tank top and the same tiny Zumba logo on the corner. It might be hard to wear over loose fitting tops, but with a tight tank you can pull this sweatshirt over on cooler days and head to class!

I have to say I was not too sure about this top when I first saw it. I thought it looked too big, but then I put it on, and I loved it!  I like the long and loose fit of this tank, and the bottom is a little longer which makes it look great with tight black leggings! Pair it with the black z top sneakers and you have a great look!

This cold shoulder hoodie is a MUST have for anyone who loves Zumba!  The fit is amazing. It has a large scoop neck, and the hoodie on the back has ties so you can pull it tight. It's just a great looking top that goes great over any other top.  It is lightweight so you won't get too hot dancing in it.

This is a COOL sports bra. I love the v shape of it and the fact that it does not stick out when I wear other tops. It has a great fit and comes with a hood attached! Now, any top you wear looks like it has a hood! Such a super fun and unique look for a bra!

I am obsessed with wild print leggings. I am always am on the hunt for something fun and different, and these fit the bill just perfect! They are back and blue in a very retro print. They have a hot pink zumba logo on the bottom of one of the legs. I paired it with a black tank, but you could also pair it with blue or hot pink for an amazing look! They are super lightweight, and even on a hot day you will stay nice and dry in them.

And last but not least, watch us shake it, and get your Zumba on!

For all you Zumba lovers, there's new Zumba® wear coming soon, and the brand is giving away over 20,000 gift cards and other rewards to celebrate the launch! You could even score a free class with Zumba® creator Beto Perez! Go to to enter!  Enoy!

Carolina Panthers Style Lounge

This is pretty much how my night went down, in pictures.  I hopped on over to my friend Katie's house, where I parked my car and we then hopped in her car (sippy cup in hand) to pick up our friend Chelsea. I am not at the game today (the below pic my husband just sent me from the stadium).  Upon entering last night, we were greeted with hospitality, crudites and pinktinis. We made our way through the stadium to the team store that had been transformed into a Style Lounge.  Fellow stylist Erica Hanks and her team did a great job putting together some hot football fashion looks.  If you went to the game today, did you see? Records were spinning, manicures were curin' and there is some REALLY cute new game day merchandise.  My favorite finds; a black sequin baseball style tee, and the piece de resistance, Panthers running tights!  (See Katie below).

We all left the Style Lounge for Fahrenheit for one last Hoor-ah to celebrate one of my running besties, Jenn, (tall blonde bombshell) who is moving to DC for an opportunity that cannot be refused.  This can only mean one thing... ROAD TRIP!  The hottest, most awesome, most fun group of Boston Marathoners I ever did see!  I sure am grateful for my running friends.  Happy Panthers Sunday ya'll!

Panther Pride

If you're a local sports loving mama, you may have already seen my article this month for Charlotte Parent Magazine where I share my picks for some of the hottest football fashions this season.  More to come on that, but right now, I've got to tell you about a very exciting Sports Fashion event happening THIS SUNDAY. If you're going to the football game, be sure to stop by the Carolina Panthers new Style Lounge for some one of a kind fashion fun!  Fellow Charlotte wardrobe stylist Erica Hanks co-hosts the Panther's Style Lounge this weekend.  Combining Panthers apparel with items from local Charlotte stores, Erica and her team will share even more ways you can sport your Panther pride wile staying chic!  Hope to see you there and GOOOO PANTHERS!

Black + Pop Of Color

This week one of my awesome clients appeared on Good Day Carolinas for one of her repeat segments. Before I get into the fashion part, if you have middle school children in your life, you need Michelle and/or her program, Michelle in the Middle, in your life.  You thought middle school was tough then?  Well, you weren't alone, but lucky for kids today living in the Charlotte area, Michelle Icard is doing something BIG to change the difficult middle school paradigm. Through public speaking engagements and curriculum based programs, Michelle works with parents to help ease adolescent social stress. So proud to be associated with this totally cool gal.  Check out her most recent segment, here, as she encourages middle schoolers to take risks.

Naturally, the Michelle in the Middle Facebook page was blowing up with raves of excellence for Michelle's message. Not only that, however, fans were going crazy for her skirt!  Michelle paired a simple black top, black tights and black booties with a pop of color in this chartreuse mini from J.Crew.  Easy as that! 

Bring your black basics center stage with a bright pop of color, and you'll be leading the charge. Below are a few options for you, and don't forget the booties and a great bag too!

If the exact color does not appear below, click on the item you like for more options...

Outfit Details: High Fashion For Less

Here's my High Fashion For Less outfit from yesterday's segment on Charlotte Today.  In case you missed it, you can watch it hereI went straight to Polo Ralph Lauren Factory for my exciting collaboration with Concord Mills.  I've always looked the classic timeless looks consistently created by the Ralph Lauren brand.  Equestrian is so Town & Country, so rich.  I've enjoyed dressing a couple of models in this type of look, and so I was excited to dress myself up in it and step out for a quick spin!  Head on over to Concord Mills, or shop any of the items below straight from this page! 

Boho Chic

Photography: Moments by Donna. Dress worn as a Kimono: Indie Ella Shorts: Free People. Shoes: Ann Roth Shoes, (similar). Tank: Honey Punch. Belt: Target. Hat: Nine West (similar). Ring: Melinda Maria. Bracelets: thanks to Blydesign.  Earrings: email Back Yard Baby.  Necklace: thanks to Melvin.

Outfit Details: Mom On The Go

Here's my Mom On The Go outfit from yesterday's segment on Charlotte Today.  In case you missed it, you can watch it hereI combined items from J.Crew Factory and Banana Republic Factory for my exciting collaboration with Concord Mills.  I already own the blazer and pumps from J. Crew. The buttons on the blazer are the EXACT same, and the pumps feel just the same on my feet as those from J.Crew.  I seriously cannot tell a difference in quality, yet the price is so much lower at J.Crew Factory. Same goes with the Banana Republic items.  Head on over to Concord Mills, or shop any of the items straight from this page! 

Moms On The Go

Did you catch us on Charlotte Today this morning, styling some great Fall Fashion Finds from Concord Mills? It was such a fun treat getting to meet Dominique and Courtney, and I can't wait to share with you outfit details for all three of us!  If you missed the segment, you may watch it below.  Y'all, I am telling you, Concord Mills is TOTALLY worth the trip!  It's no secret I operate many days a week in J.Crew threads, and so if you do too, you need to make the trip to J.Crew Factory outlet.  And this is just ONE of the great stores you can shop and save at Concord Mills. Be sure to tune in the same time tomorrow and on Thursday, at 11 a.m., when I'll be back for a special High Fashion For Less segment.  Please follow along the fun on Instagram and Twitter to get the scoop from all these fashionable mamas, and thanks so much to Concord Mills for including me!

Thanks for reading and watching! 



Shirt: GapShorts: J.Crew. Shoes: Cole Haan, similar here and here. Bracelets: Jook and Nona and thanks to Blydesign. Ring: Melinda Maria.