Meeting Betsey Johnson

A big, huge thanks to Belk for including me in a private meet and greet with American fashion designer icon Betsey Johnson.  I've loved and worn Betsey's designs for years.  Known for her whimsical designs often considered over the top, I adore Betsey's ingenuity and joyful spirit. Three of my wedding party dresses were Betsey Johnson designs, all from Belk Southpark.. who knew?!  The day of the event was a typically frigid November one.  My satin plunging sweetheart neckline frock was the most temperature appropriate fabric, though still the furthest thing from warm.  That did not stop me from finding a way to wear it, and I'm so glad I did, because Betsey got very excited.  She spotted her "vintage" design immediately, and just as she did with everyone else she posed, she threw her arms around my neck in precious glee. If I had to narrow her (little) known attributes down to just two, aside from her effervescent splendor, it would be she still busts out a cartwheel like few 72 year olds can do, and I just read that she graduated from college Phi Beta Kappa.  Cool as sh&t and smart as a whip. Betsey Forever!

Clever Clutch

This post is precipitated by that lovely little lad in the far left bottom corner.  I saw the lucite blox clutch (by Rafe New York) with it's tortoise and marble pattern swirling right off the pages of my InStyle Magazine, and it had to be mine.  Then, I got to wondering, how many other stellar box clutches are out there just waiting to be had.  Turns out there a right many. The only determination will be which one will you be carrying with your LBD this holiday season and to forever and eternity?  Shop below a few that caught my eye.

Styling Mollie Bradford

From a styling standpoint, this is probably one of my favorites of all time.  It's no secret I love, love dichotomous fashion.  In this case, I mixed some of the most fantastic vintage garments I could find.  If you are in the Charlotte area, surely you've visited Sleepy Poet Antique Mall. Sequestered in the middle (only because everything is sequestered in this unfathomable shop within a shop warehouse) is Kitschy-Cool-Vintage.  From costume to everyday wear, you will find some of the most unique pieces at an accessible (thank you for turned me onto this word Emily Maynard) price.  Zach Alston captured model Mollie as a China Doll dream.

Behind The Scenes Fav For The Ladies

In preparation for an upcoming photo shoot on Thursday, I came across one of my favorite Behind The Scenes videos.  It is one of my favorites for many reasons, but if you are female (or not), there's likely really no guess work.  Happy play and rewinding. Click and watch.

Killer Dresses Right Now

So yes, I have a thing for dresses. A  major thing, and I've had it since high school. I have been collecting cocktail dresses for longer than I remember.  Even if there was no occasion.  Literally, I have dresses with tags on them since high school.  As a wardrobe stylist, I would tell you to purge 'em... unless they are just works of are that are that cool.  OR unless you write a fashion blog and you think there might come a day you will use it if for no other reason than to play dress up and get your picture taken, acting like you didn't actually know you were having your picture taken, but you did.  Because you write a blog.  If you do, you know.  Look, I've been playing dress up since I plopped from my mother's womb, and I don't think I will ever stop.  Consider this an invitation to in-box me if you want to pop a cork on the bubbly, turn the tunes way up high and join the twirling fantasy.  The only question is: Which dress shall we wear when we do?