I adore working with Whitley. I'm grateful for her honesty, creativity, compassion, and patience. From closet purging to pairing outfits, to shopping--she does everything with such grace and style. She has an amazing, fashionable gift and talent.
Laurie Martin
Personal Client, Owner, Simplicity Organizers

Whitley is an amazing partner and friend of Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont. She has lent her styling talent to conduct a surprise makeover for a Goodwill client who faced learning barriers that affected her self-confidence thus preventing her from finding family sustaining employment. Whitley’s network and influence in the community has helped to drive significant awareness to Goodwill and its mission to provide job training and employment services free of charge to individuals in the community facing barriers to employment such as lack of skills, experience or education and criminal backgrounds. She consistently seeks out opportunities to engage the community with Goodwill and her efforts are invaluable to our organization. Whitley is professional, wildly creative, talented and very passionate about her work and our community.
Melinda Wilshire
Director, Marketing & Communications, Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont

Having worked with Whitley for several years, I can say with confidence that she ‘get’s it!’  Whitley has the gift of a fashion eye, and she uses that gift to successfully combine the roles of wardrobe stylist, fashion blogger and personal shopper.  With contacts in all areas of fashion, Whitley is able to pool knowledge from experts within a wide range of fields to help in her quest to provide the ultimate service for her clients.   If you’re lucky enough to secure her services, go for it.  You’ll be glad you did!   
Dick Pattison
Partner, Taylor Richards & Conger

Whitley has elevated our Style section of the magazine to a new level with her impeccable taste and fashion sense.  She is a true professional with extraordinary passion.  It has been an absolute joy to collaborate with Whitley, and we can't wait to explore future trends.
Regina Robertson
Editor-in-Chief, Ballantyne Magazine

I would like to call attention to Whitley and her expertise.  I hired her this summer to transform my closet and therefore ME regarding my relationship to my clothes. Whitley has many gifts; in particular as a stylist and image branding consultant.  I was battling my closet daily.  Also, trying too hard as I had a big birthday coming up and have started a new decade.  I had way too many clothes, too much confusion about what looked good, shopping for the same items that I didn’t need....  After two deep dives with Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, thanks to Whitley, I have what I need to feel good about me with some very creative ways to use my wardrobe.  I highly recommend you consider hiring Whitley.
Joan O'Sullivan Wright, MSW, MCC
Personal Client, Owner O'Sullivan Wright, Inc.

By her own example, Whitley inspires her clients to sparkle from the inside out.  She ignites a beauty through fashion that is first and always authentically you! For more than a dozen years I have trusted Whitley's instincts and expertise.  First, when she owned Private Placements, Whitley helped me to select the perfect caregiver for our then toddler. Our Nanny remains a treasured member of our family. Most recently, as founder and proprietor of the Queen City Style, Whitley helped me to select a gown and design a costume when I participated in Charlotte Ballet's annual fundraising gala.  Never to overlook at detail, she also advised me on hair and makeup-down to the flower in my ponytail!  Looking back on that night, I credit so much of the joy and confidence I felt in spite of my fear to what preceded... Whitley's empathy and expertise.  In both instances, Whitley distinguished herself by the ability to observe and interpret. She is smart, savvy and highly effective.  Equally knowledgeable about fashion's history as its cutting edge trends, Whitley is strong enough to push her clients to be bold but sensitive enough to respect boundaries.  A working mother of two boys, Whitley understands that time our most precious commodity.  By entrusting your wardrobe to Whitley, you reclaim time to send with family and friends.  What's more, she honors your budget.  Above all, Whitley discovers and nurtures what makes each of her clients special.  With Whitley by your side, you will radiate a joyful confidence through a style that is uniquely and fully you.
Dianne Chipps Bailey
Personal Client, Attorney, Robinson Bradshaw & Hinson

Whitley is an incredible bundle of passion and a constant inspiration.  She is seriously skilled in purging a closet and creating outfits--items that I once classified as goners are turned into favorite looks.  Whitley's flawless taste, creativity, honest input and amazing eye for fashion make her the perfect stylist. As a consignment boutique owner I have been fortunate to collaborate with Whitley.  After editing her clients closets, she has brought items in for me to highlight and sell for them.  I have called on Whitley and her keen sense of style to help with fashion show looks.  I love everything she creates.  She is creative genius. 
Cindy Siesel
Owner, summerbird boutique

I cannot begin to say how wonderful it has been working with Whitley! We hired her as the stylist for our Fall campaign, and she absolutely brought our shoes to life and showcased them magnificently. We worked with her ahead of time to discuss the look we were going for, and she not only delivered, but pushed us to the next level with her selections.  There were a couple of looks where I thought the mix of patterns and prints might be too much, but I decided to trust her judgment, and I’m so glad I did, as they are now some of my favorite looks. Whitley’s ability to create a “moment” is incredible, and I know our company’s visual presentation is strong, appealing, and better because we worked with her.  As a stylist Whitley is the definition of on-point, but I have to admit that I will continue to work with her going forward because of Whitley the woman. Throughout the entire process I could tell that she was genuinely listening, and wanted nothing more than to make us happy. She was delightful to work with on set, and has stayed in touch long after the work was done. She has even gone the extra mile to put us in contact with bloggers she knows, and in everything, she has shown us a kindness for which I am truly grateful.  
Julie Lopez
Founder and CEO, Julie Lopez Shoes

Style is about personally expressing who you are and then using clothes as the paint on the canvas of yourself. Whitley masterfully partners with her clients to help them fully articulate their own style. She is fun, creative and challenges her clients to fully embrace their own style in fresh, innovative ways.
Carson Tate
Personal Client, Founder and Principal, Working Simply

Dear Whitley, I've been thinking a lot about our time together the other day and it was really interesting shopping with you – because, well, I pretty much wouldn't have picked out any of the things you picked out.  I know how to differentiate between good and cheap fabrics, and I know what colors look good on me, but when it comes to the style of the piece/outfit, I’m just kind of lost.  A few times when you left the dressing room to go get another size, I looked at myself and was like, wow! I look so good and I would have never even considered wearing this. It’s kind of fascinating to me.  In the past I've known that sometimes I look really good in certain things I have, but I never really considered my clothes as a means of expression.  I mean, I get that concept and all, but I've never thought that I could actually express myself or make a statement with clothes.  I think that is why working with you has been so beneficial for me. I tend to define things negatively instead of thinking in possibilities  -- like “because I’m short, I can’t wear a lot of patterns” or “because the distance between my neck and cleavage is short, I can’t wear v-necks or scoop necks.”  I decided to write the message for a couple of reasons: 1) I'm trying to understand why working with you is making such a dramatic difference for me.  I've worked really hard for many years to get to a place where I feel more like a whole, complete person.  In the past year I've finally started feeling more like the person I believe I was meant to be, which has been awesome.  I'm so grateful for the progress.  I still can't sort it out completely, but its as if working with you has been the missing piece (or a significant piece) in my life-long struggle with building self-esteem. 2) I want to be sure that I frame the experience as an empowering one.  I don't want to walk away from our shopping day feeling like I can't make decisions about buying clothing on my own because I wouldn't have picked out the same things you did.  I think I have decent taste and I know what looks good on, but my criteria for what I'll try is pretty limiting.  I'm not sure I'll ever have a real eye for style or fashion or that I'll care that much, but I want to develop whatever ability I have so that I limit myself less and feel free to explore.  Thank you.
Mary Neal Harris
Personal Client

What a wonderful force of nature Whitley is!  Creative, compassionate, conscientious... and oh so talented.  I am lucky enough to have worked with her in many capacities over the past ten years.  She has a brilliant eye for color and design, and never fails to charm and delight! 
Anne Pipkin
Owner, gorgeousGLO and BLoouT

Whitley has a true gift of writing and stying. She can take the most complicated piece of clothing, the kind you just don't know what to do with, wave her magical stying wand and create a masterpiece. She is able to bring a 1950's inspirational piece into the modern day look like no one else I know.
Kendrick Slaughter
Owner, KK Bloom Boutique

I think Whitley's blog was the first Charlotte fashion blog I ever found.  Her website is the epitome of all things fashion, because the other half features the editorial and styling work she does in Charlotte and nationally.  Her style is truly her own and one-of-a-kind, taking everyday pieces and celebrating the couture in them. 
Charlotte Agenda, February 2016

Whitley's eye for detail is perfection, as is her ability to choose the right style of clothing in order to make anyone feel confident and beautiful at any age. Her skill for pairing clothes and accessories are always fresh in unexpected ways. I truly believe Whitley is the best stylist I have ever collaborated with in my 15 years working as a freelance makeup artist. She is always committed to making her clients look and feel stunning from head to toe.  
Deme Fourtounis
Make-up Artist

Working with Whitley has given me CONFIDENCE.  When I published my first book, I looked through my closet in anticipation of a media and speaking tour and quickly realized my writing clothes (sweaters, jeans and tees) wouldn't translate to TV segments or professional speaking events!  Whitley helped me assess what I already had, what foundation items I should buy to get the biggest bang for my buck and also a few ways to inject more fun and creativity into my style so I could balance being a professional with being creative.  Working with Whitley has been both personally and professionally rewarding.  She is endlessly encouraging, and I'm delighted to have her on my side.  
Michelle Icard
Personal Client, Middle School Makeover: Improving The Way You And Your Child Experience The Middle School Years, michelleinthemiddle.com




Her ever-fresh style and charm put a spin on my products that generated instant sales and helped me to broaden my reach exponentially. I would highly recommend Whitley and her services to anyone in the fashion or product sales world. 
Carter Seibels Singh, 
Owner, Woman Shops World

It is difficult to see the styling potential of an item of clothing or an accessory, but not for Whitley. I have been and continue to be amazed with her outfits and the individual pieces she selects to bring a look together. It is a true talent that not many people, who call themselves stylists, possess.
Sophia Burrowes
Lipp Boutique, PR/Communications